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Toddler Picky Eaters - How to Win Them Over

Toddler picky eaters are always a challenge to parents. This happens mainly because toddlers love to exercise and affirm their freedom. They want to be independent. Hence, their eating pattern is also affected.

If your toddler belongs to the group of picky eaters, then feeding him can be an agonizing task. While this is a normal phase in your little tot’s life, this can jeopardize his health especially if he prefers eating candies and chips for snacks over pasta or fish for dinner. However, there is a solution to this stressful problem. Having variety is the technique to win over your child.

Effective Ways to Handle Picky Eaters

Understand Your Toddler

You have to realize that your toddler’s palates are different to you or to his younger brother. Each child is never the same. He might not like the color, taste and texture of certain foods no matter how enticing you have prepared it. This is normal. After all, you also favor a certain type of food over other foods right? Maybe a certain food reminds him of a time he got sick or something unpleasant that happened that is why he is rejecting it. Know his reasons. In this way, you will be able to work with it.

Identify Which Type of Picky Eater He Is

There are various types of picky eaters. To help you win him over, you must first determine which category your little one belongs. If he is….

A Carbo Loader

If he likes to eat carbohydrate-rich foods every single meal, he will lack fiber and there is a big chance for his energy level to drop or make him irritable. To remedy this, the next time your toddler is hungry, serve him a bowl of fresh fruits and finger food vegetables instead of biscuits and cookies. Remember, once your toddler is hungry, he will eat anything he sees on the table. Or you can incorporate peanut butter to his favorite crackers, add scrambled egg to bread or add a small serving of fish to his rice.

A Fast-food Hoarder

Oily foods like French fries, pizza and burgers are filled with saturated fat that do not generate any nutrients to his body. The next time you hold a fast-food night, substitute French fries with oven-baked potatoes, grilled or roasted chicken instead of nuggets and fresh orange juice or lemonade over sodas.

A Veggie and Fruit Hater

Antioxidants are needed in the body to help strengthen the immune system and if he ignores fruits and vegetables completely, germs and bacteria will surround him. The next time you cook vegetables, why not let him help you in the kitchen? Once he knows how they are cooked, he will be more willing to try them out. Make a mango or watermelon smoothie to make fruits taste even better.

Introduce New Foods One At A Time

Toddlers like consistency even with their food. Do not offer an entire meal of unfamiliar food all at the same time. Instead, introduce him to a new vegetable or dish one at a time and in toddler-size portions. Alternate the family’s meals by replacing a particular food with a new one after a few weeks.

Serve His Favorite Food

To help your picky eater adjust comfortably, always include his favorite food in each meal. By doing so, your toddler will be more eager to try out other foods in his plate. Or, you can switch to having his favorite food as a reward after a week of eating healthy once he gets used to trying out new meals.

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