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Trendy Little Girls Clothing Styles

Little girls look exceptionally adorable when garbed with the latest trends. Most probably, shopping for toddler girl clothing is one of your favorite activities. A range of choices are available - from dresses, pants to bags and accessories. Hence, it comes as no surprise if you find yourself confused over such selections. When choosing the best, keep these three factors in mind - comfort, durability and style.

Dressing up your little girl is fun since any garment you put on her always makes her look pretty and lovely. There are basic little girl clothing styles that are trendy yet very timeless. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect outfits the next time you go shopping.

Dresses and Skirts

As a mother, being stylish and looking good is important especially when it comes to your little girl. A nice dress or skirt in a cute color with beautiful prints always catches people’s attention. Your toddler is naturally bubbly, and dressing her in boring clothes makes her plain which does not help reflect her personality. For special occasions, a deep colored dress with bright accents and a tulle makes her feel like a princess. A dress is very versatile as you can choose from a long sleeved, sleeveless or tube type dresses. For casual to semi-formal wear, a pastel colored dress or skirts in floral or polka dot prints is good.

A dress makes your little lady feel like a grown-up, it is an instant confidence booster.  This clothing is a good tool in training your toddler to wear the proper clothes at a young age which is a good way to prepare her for the future.


Jeans or pants are ideal for everyday use. Since it is very impractical for your little girl to always wear a dress when doing physically demanding activities, jeans are a good substitute. They provide protection to the skin, are comfortable and very durable. Investing in this type of clothing is good as jeans can last wear and tear. Get her pants in different colors to keep her trendy.


Like jeans, t-shirts are very durable. They come in different styles, designs and colors. For playtime, you can simply let your toddler wear a bright yellow polo shirt or sleeveless tops made from cotton. For casual day outs, a shirt with a vintage print keeps her fashionable. For formal occasions, your toddler can wear chiffon, satin or polyester shirts in cute designs.


Since your toddler loves to play outdoor, protecting her head from the heat of the sun is imperative. You can choose from the following styles:

  • Bucket Hats – comes in various colors and styles, bucket hats are stylish yet practical to use since its wide sloping brim can cover your little girl’s eyes and face
  • Legionnaire Hats – this type of hat provides full protection since it shields your toddler’s head, ears, face and neck. Choose one in an eye-catching color or design so it complements her outfit.
  • UV Protection Hats – these are special types of toddler hats, the fabric used has a UPF50+ which offers extra protection since the fabric can absorb the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays


A trendy outfit calls for a pair of stylish shoes. Your little girl will surely have a blast completing her ensemble with pretty shoes. You can choose from clogs, kitten heels, doll shoes or sandals that are made from soft spongy materials. These shoes go well for parties or for daily use.

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