Ways to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Social interaction is an essential part in a toddler’s development. It is a vital approach for building successful and long lasting relationships in the future. At a tender age, your toddler needs to be exposed to different people and surroundings. In this way, he learns how to act in any situation helping him ease his anxiety allowing him to act confidently.

Child social skills need to be instilled now more than ever. However, not all toddlers are able to form an early ability to assert themselves or feel comfortable in their own skin. As a parent, it is your responsibility to mold your toddler into a bright and confident individual. Here are various steps you can do to help enhance your child’s social skills.

Talk to Your Toddler

Studies have proven that toddlers who have regular conversations with their parents about peer interaction are better liked by other children. Hence, they become more socially competent. Take some time to discuss manners with your toddler. Stress its importance as well as the positive and negative feedback he can get. Make it a part of your usual, daily conversation. A simple exchange of how each others day went including the highlights of you and your toddler’s day is already good training for him. Your toddler is able to learn 2 things – basic information exchange and care for the other person’s interest and well-being.


Set a good example. Practice good manners with your little one on a daily basis. Demonstrate table etiquette, morning greetings, how to introduce one’s self, show gratitude and deliver an apology. Train him to say please and thank you each time he asks something from adults and his peers. Practice positive body language - eye contact, facing the person you’re talking to, avoid getting distracted and squirming. Teaching your toddler the basics is an effective and positive way to reinforce good interaction skills. Finally, evaluate your toddler during social situations and give him pointers.

Play Together

Make time to play with your toddler. Participate in his daily activities in a peer-like way. Squeal with delight, laugh a lot, sing and dance together. When you play with your toddler without being too bossy and critical, you encourage him to act the same with his peers.

Maximize Playtime With Peers

There is no better training ground for developing your toddler’s social skills than letting him interact with children his age. Encourage him to take as much extracurricular activities as he can. Every afternoon, let him play with your neighbor’s kids in the playground. Sign him up for a piano or tennis class. Utilize his hobbies. During summer, enroll him in a summer camp. When your toddler loves what he is doing, it will be easy for him to open up to others. It gives him the opportunity to initiate and make friends with a new child. This technique is very effective in helping your little one adapt with ease to a formal group setting such as a play school or preschool.

Do Stimulating Exercises

Role playing is a good source of honing your toddler’s people skills. Encourage pretend play especially if your toddler is an introvert. For instance, he can play the role of Shrek who learns how to accept himself and gain courage throughout the series. A simple puppet show is fun yet enriching as well. This is a very good excuse for your toddler to step out of his shell and play a strong character. This gives your toddler an idea that it is okay to make mistakes, be courteous and silly all at the same time. It helps him affirm himself and be more engaging in meeting new people.

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