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Five Features Every Toddler Shoes Must Have

Just like clothes, shoes can be easily outgrown by a toddler. However, this is not an excuse to choose the most inexpensive pair of shoes you can find. Toddler shoes needs to be durable and in an excellent state to keep your toddler’s feet healthy and strong. Know what to look for and keep these important tips in mind.

Toddler shoes must…

Be Comfortable

When looking for the perfect pair of toddler shoes for your child, comfort must be at the top of your list. Go for toddler shoes without heels so your little one feels at ease wearing it. Shoes must have a flat sole and a wider toe area to make space for his growing feet. In addition, toddler shoes must be made from durable lightweight materials. With all the rough play your child does on a daily basis, toddler shoes must also have breathable uppers to ensure proper air and blood circulation. The more flexible the shoes the better to help improve your toddler’s stability and posture.

Be Made From Quality Materials

Toddler shoes manufactured using only top-notch materials ensure longevity. Toddler shoes must be well made. Do not just go for shoes with an appealing design. No matter how cute a pair of shoes might be, if it does not hold up, it will only sit in the closet.

When going shopping, take some time to inspect how it was made. The embellishments as well as the inner and outer soles must be securely affixed. Seams must be machine stitched instead of glued. Fasteners must be well-built and able to last wear and tear. For shoes with Velcro fastening, a secure fit it as must. For shoes with laces, laces must be long enough to double knot (to guarantee a snugger fit). Canvas or leather made shoes are the sturdiest as they can keep toddler’s feet dry and cool which helps prevent blisters and smelly feet.

Be The Right Fit

Shoes that fit right will make a difference in how long your toddler can wear them. Grasp the toe of the shoe in one hand and the heel in the other then bend the toe and heel towards each other. Shoes should be flexed comfortably without hurting your toddler’s feet. Your child’s feet are soft and easily moldable so it is important that shoes must have stiff heels with an elastic toe area that bends with the toes.

Be Stylish

Aside from durability, toddler shoes must also be modern. Plain looking shoes are just too boring. Colorful looking shoes are not only attractive but it also helps reflect your toddler’s personality. Go for shoes in a bright color with an interesting design that satiates your toddler’s taste. If you have a little boy get him slippers, sports and regular shoes with a design of his favorite action hero. If you have a girl, toddler shoes in a pastel shade with interesting prints like flowers, butterflies or Barbie dolls are perfect.

Cater to Your Toddler’s Needs

Shoes must be able to last multiple wears. It must withstand all the physical play your toddler does. In some cases, toddler shoes must also grant your little one’s special needs. These days, there are a lot of children’s shoes that are very versatile. Shoes must be able to cater regular wear while at the same time care for foot problems (e.g. pes planus or flat feet) and improve feet development (e.g. soft-soled toddler shoes).

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