Ways to Prevent Travel Sickness In Toddlers

Traveling for toddlers is one whirlwind adventure. As born explorers, the idea of being in an unknown place gives them a rush. But, travel sickness can dampen their high spirits. So to make sure your toddler stays happy and excited all throughout the journey, here are some tips to help you manage your toddler’s travel sickness whether you are traveling by land, air or sea.

Avoid Giving Heavy Meals

As much as possible, limit your toddler’s food intake to light snacks a few hours prior. Eating a full meal 30 minutes to an hour before your travel time can upset your little one’s tummy since the stomach has not yet completely digested the food. Avoid fatty, oily, salty and spicy foods. Stick to breads, crackers, oatmeal and sandwiches and 3 glasses of water for the mean time. This limits travel sickness evading any nausea and vomiting incidents from happening.

Take Anti-Motion Sickness Medications

Antihistamines and other pills with hycosine helps eliminate motion sickness. But, be sure to consult his pediatrician first so you will know its efficiency and the possible side effects.

Wear The Right Clothing

Sometimes, what triggers motion sickness is bad clothing. Layering your toddler with pullovers, jackets and coats will only make him feel queasy because of too much heat. Pants, t-shirt and a jacket will do for air travel. This will keep your toddler warm and comfy. Cotton shirts, cargo shorts, sandals and a hat is the ideal outfit for sea travel. The soft, lightweight materials will keep him cool and well-shaded.

Position Forward Facing

Another way to help decrease travel sickness is by situating your toddler face forward. Rear facing and backward facing positions send alarms to the nervous system at an abnormal rate due to the travel impact increasing stress and apprehension. But, the forward facing position helps your toddler’s ears, eyes and nerves transmit positive signals into the brain. For car travel, position him in the back seat. When air traveling, sit your toddler in the middle seat. When on a boat, sit in the center.

Look to The Horizon

Motionless objects confuses the eyes causing the brain to receive the wrong signal. Have your little one concentrate on things that are far and in action. This gets his brain stimulated helping the nerves relax and the mind preoccupied. Refrain from doing immobile travel activities like reading and playing video games in his PSP.

Ensure Ample Head Protection

Placing a sun-shade on his side of the window filters the rays of the sun from hitting him. In this way, you protect your toddler from the harmful rays and encourage him to look forward instead of looking down. Also, it is essential to make sure your toddler’s head is adequately protected so as to prevent his head from moving side to side. Having a neck or head pillow handy helps your young one comfortably adjust especially during sea and air travel where seats are too hard or too soft for his head.

Provide Distractions

Do entertaining things together. Bring along his crayons and coloring books. Listen to music. Make sure to include his favorite songs and nursery rhymes. The familiar tunes engages him to sing along and will likely divert your toddler from feeling ill. Let him use binoculars and a camera so he can have fun watching things from afar and take snapshots of his surroundings.

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