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Fun Activities to Do When Bonding With Children

Quality time plays a vital part in ensuring a toddler’s healthy development. Even with busy schedules, parents need to find time to play with their precious ones. Bonding with children creates a strong connection and foundation which is integral to their welfare. There are a lot of viable activities to choose from. Incorporate them in their daily routine and watch them glow with happiness.

Board Games

Jigsaw puzzles, snake and ladder and boggle are just some examples of engaging board games that not only helps improve your toddler’s reasoning and motor skills but are also great in keeping family ties close. Allot a few hours each week for board game time. They are fun, easy to do and very soothing. Since this is a group activity, invite each family member to join. Not only will your toddler complete the games in no time, but it will also turn everyone’s frowns into smiles.

Buy Groceries and Prepare Meals

Food excites everyone. There is no better way to bond than by grocery shopping and making dinner together. Allow your toddler to pick out the items in your grocery list. Let him push the cart. Let your toddler assist you by delegating easy-to-do cooking tasks like washing the vegetables. A ceramic knife is safe to use so he can help you slice potatoes and mushrooms. Let him pour the contents into a pan. Lastly, assign him to set the dining table.

Enroll In Parent-Child Classes

A lot of establishments offer “Daddy and Me” or “Mommy and Me” classes. Not only does it strengthen you and your toddler’s relationship but it is also a great activity to exercise, improve rhythmic movement and mingle with other parents and children.


If your family loves the outdoors, why not schedule a picnic time on weekends or during school breaks. It is a very convenient and inexpensive way catch up with your toddler. Picnic is one activity toddlers want to be part of. Your precious one will truly have a grand time choosing and preparing the essentials – from the menu, picnic basket and outdoor games. Take the whole family out to your local park, to the beach or the countryside. Take advantage of your garden and go camping. Play catch, tag or hide and seek.

Read Books

This classic activity is a no-brainer. Kids adore books and parents love them. Story time is one relaxing activity that puts toddlers and even parents at ease. This helps you strengthen your toddler’s language and knowledge, talk and come up with your own versions.

Watch Movies

During weekends, go out and see movies together. Let your toddler select what movie he wants to see. At home, hold a DVD marathon, say Friday nights. Rent different types of DVD’s, toast the popcorn, prepare the juice and let him sleep past his bedtime curfew.

Visit The Zoo

Stop by the zoo just so your little one can look at the animals. Toddlers have great affection for animals. Watch his eyes widen with delight once he sees the colorful peacock or how tall a giraffe is. To make it extra fun, head to the zoo dressed in explorer outfits. Give him a camera so your toddler can take pictures of every animal he sees. Provide him a notebook and pen so he can take notes of his observations. And, do not forget to visit the zoo shop and grab a souvenir of his favorite animal.

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