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The Benefits of Kids Vitamins to Children

A healthy body does not only thrive from fruits and vegetables, but it also needs vitamins to strengthen and defend the body. With toddlers, ample intake of kids vitamins do not only encourage proper body function but a healthy development as well.

What Toddlers Get From Vitamins

Kids Vitamins Can…

Improve Appetite

Toddlers go through various stages of development that make their appetites ravenous. But, once this growth spurt is over, children tend to eat less. This phase is perfectly normal. So to make sure they still get the correct nourishment, supplying them with multivitamins in their daily regimen ensures they get the right nutrients into their body. Vitamins enhance their appetites, so the more healthy foods they take in, the stronger their immune system gets.

Boost Brain Function

Taking the right vitamins improves a toddler’s capability to grow cognitively, think clearly and process information. Folic acid, one of the most imperative vitamins help produce red blood cells which are integral in promoting normal brain function. It advances not only the brain but the nervous system as well enabling a toddler to comprehend, reason out and solve problems at a speedier level.

Provide Protection

The toddler age is one crucial point of human development, for it is during this time where resilience and skills are acquired which pre-determines how equipped they will be in the future. Vitamin C helps prevent and treat stroke, cataract and common colds. It is a powerful antioxidant. It detoxifies harmful cells in the body replacing them with fresh, healthy cells that helps strengthen the immune system, raise energy level and generate active brain cells. While the Vitamin B family improve cardiovascular and nervous system functions, essential for fighting off heat ailments and beriberi (a thiamine deficiency that leads to vomiting, irritability and loss of muscle function, sensation, speech and intellect).

Build Strong Bones

Ample intake of vitamin D builds strong bones. Vitamin D is important in supplementing a toddler’s body in absorbing calcium. Healthy bones help support the normal growth and development of bones that reduces instances of bone injuries in toddlers. Plus, having a strong bone assists toddlers in developing their dexterity skills and hand-eye movement coordination. The D nutrient is also essential in warding off high blood pressure, cancer and other bone disorders from developing.

Promote Oral Health

Moreover, vitamins play a huge role in the condition of a toddler’s mouth. Vitamins help promote strong teeth and gums. For instance, vitamin A fuels hormones necessary for healthy tooth enamel to grow. Vitamin C is responsible in keeping body tissues (including a child’s gums) in good condition. Vitamin D is also important in building strong teeth in kids.

Supply Energy

Without energy, toddlers may become frail and weary. Vitamins are energy givers. With toddler’s excessive vigor for play, kids’ vitamins feed toddlers the energy they need throughout the day. An example of a vitamin that supplies energy is vitamin B1 or thiamine. B1 helps the cells change carbohydrates into energy which is fundamental in the proper function of the cardiovascular, muscular and nervous system.

Assist Ill Toddlers For Faster Recovery

Toddlers need vitamin supplements during a healing period from prolonged sickness. Chronic conditions can cause serious vitamin deficiency, hence, toddlers who take in medications that limits their immune system can greatly profit from vitamin therapy.

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