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Toddler Bedtime Routines That Help Your Child Sleep Well

Parents have a hard time making their tot sleep. Sleeping patterns are needed in order to establish good sleep. However, waking up in the middle of the night, having bad dreams and nightmares are just some factors which disrupts a child’s sleep making it difficult to make him go back to sleep. In order to eliminate these problems, it is necessary to establish a good bedtime routine.

Toddler bedtime routines are known to be an effective technique to make toddlers sleep well. Tots love routines since it gives them consistency and stability. The thought of knowing what they should do and what will happen next comforts them. There are a lot of bedtime practices you and your toddler can exercise. You just need to pick them out and create a plan to make it work.

The following are different toddler bedtime habits that guarantee sound sleep throughout the night ensuring him to wake up bright, happy and full of energy the next day.

Do Quiet Activities

Playtime is always a favorite of your tot so why not make it a part of his bedtime routine? This makes your child become more eager to participate. Just avoid activities that demands too much physical actions. Instead, focus on doing soothing activities together by making him draw or talk about how his day went; what he did and what he ate. This stimulates his body and mind helping him slow down after all the activities he did during the day.

Give Him A Bath

Getting your toddler clean and warm before his bedtime is a very good bedtime ritual. There is nothing like an evening bath that can calm down your energetic little tot. Bathe him in warm water instead of cold water to help him relax. The temperature of the water is an effective way to soothe his nerves. Give him a nice warm bath. Take your time in the bathroom. Allow him to sit in the tub for a few minutes. Play with him.

Brushing of Teeth

After giving him a bath, let him brush his teeth. To make it more fun, buy him a toothbrush with his favorite action hero on it and do it together. Sing your favorite songs to make shift the task from tedious to fun.

Hold A Pajama Wearing Contest

After he has refreshed, it is better you let him pick out which color or design of pajamas he wants to wear for the night. This makes him think that he has a say even when it comes to bedtime. If it takes him too long to wear his night clothes, challenge him to finish wearing his clothes before you finish singing a nursery rhyme.

Give Him A Light Snack

Give him some snack so he will not get hungry and wake up in the middle of the night. Leave chips and sodas out. Instead, let him eat healthy snacks like cheese and crackers or a cookie. Let him drink milk. Milks are very effective for making your tot go to sleep soundly.

Play His Favorite Song

His room’s atmosphere plays an essential role for his bedtime routine as well. After bathing and brushing, put on some music. Choose the soft, mellow ones. Better yet, compile his favorite lullabies and nursery rhymes and play the CD each night. Music helps ease his transition from being wide awake to falling asleep.

Read Bedtime Stories

The favorite bedtime routine of every toddler, stories serve as the perfect nightcap for children. It is a proven ritual that helps toddlers sleep well in no time. Give him the privilege of choosing the story he wants for the evening. Read it to him in a slow and clear manner. Not only will it help him get sleepy, this also gives him security.


At the end of the day, your tot wants affection. Talk to him for a few minutes and tuck him in afterwards. Give him his good night kiss and hug every night. Cuddles allow him to feel comforted giving him a pleasant feeling that he can bring to his sleep. To add extra comfort, have a night light (if he is scared of the dark) and turn it on after switching off the main lights.

Bedtime routines serve as a security blanket for your tot. It is in doing these evening habits that gives him comfort allowing him to sleep well through the night and wake up happy and refreshed in the morning.

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