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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wooden Toys For Children

Toys are your toddler’s first playmate. Therefore, it is essential that you get him toys that promote his well-being. Toys made out of wood are a wise choice. They give ample stimulation, improve growth and provide many years of useful service. Since wooden toys are manufactured using natural materials, it is safe to say that they are durable, safe and healthy for your child.

Wooden toys for children come in various designs, shapes, sizes and colors. However, these toys are not created alike. Thus, knowing which wooden toys are good and bad for your little one is important. Keep these tips in mind to help you choose the right products the next time you go toy shopping.

How to Select The Right Wooden Toys

Check Durability and Playability

In order to ensure you get only the best for your toddler, first, you have to know how to identify the difference between genuine wood from fake wood. To help you with that, touch the toy with your hands. Most wooden toys are handmade. If the toy’s exterior is smooth and the wood is thick, the more exquisite the workmanship. Wooden toys that have a thin wood veneer with jagged and pointed edges suggest poor craftsmanship which only puts your toddler in grave danger if the toy is broken in the process of playing.

Inspect Safety Hazards

Next, safe wooden toys must not contain any poisonous elements. Meaning, the scent of the toy must be of the wood itself. Smell the toys. If the scent is too overwhelming, it might be due to the toxic paint which contains a lot of chemicals. Or, there might be surface paint errors. Always check the label of the toy, see to it that there are no benzene and lead used in manufacturing the product. Verify the label, it must specify in the safety standard checklist that non-toxic paint and harmless toy special paint were used.

Consider Your Child’s Age

Not all wooden toys are suitable for your toddler. It pays to check the label of the toy to help you determine if it suitable for your toddler’s age. If your little one is between 4 to 8 months old, go for wooden building blocks. Blocks are big enough to fit your toddler’s tiny hands and mouth eliminating the risk of choking. If he is 10 to 15 months old, pull along wooden toys and wooden train sets are perfect for him. Once he reaches the age of 2, switch to wooden puzzles.

Know His Type

There are a lot of wooden toys available, the key to choosing the perfect one for your toddler is to identify his preferences. Here’s a tip – select toys based on the activities he does the most on a regular basis. From there, you can start honing his skills and gradually introduce new sets of wooden toys once he has mastered them. Here are some of the most popular wooden toys for children:

  • Building Blocks. Blocks are the best wooden toys to help your toddler easily discern different types of objects. A set of colorful blocks with shapes of a triangle, cube, rectangle, oval, star and so on is a good way to help increase his retention skills which in turn boosts his cognitive abilities. Traditional wooden blocks with letters of the alphabet and numbers are both fun and informative. Simple to complex creations of these blocks improves his motor skills as well.
  • Interlocking Wooden Toys.  Interlocking wooden toys are linked wooden toys that assist in stimulating your toddler’s imagination encouraging creative and pretend play. It also aids him in learning basic problem solving skills.
  • Puzzles. An all-time favorite toy, a simple ten-piece puzzle of his favorite animal or fruit allows him to combine his knowledge and operating skills. Choose colorful puzzles to make sure your toddler is entertained for hours.
  • Pull Toys. Pull toys are useful in helping your toddler learn how to walk as he can easily pull his wooden car or duck toy using the leash attached to it.
  • Wooden Sequencing Sets. Sequencing or sorting games are great in helping your toddler exercise his reasoning skills and hand-eye coordination.

Wooden toys are proven to be the most versatile toys for toddlers. It helps children form new games each time they play with them. Hence, it is equally important to only buy quality wooden toy products to ensure your toddler years of secure and creative play.

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Wooden Toddler Toys - Why It’s Still The Best Toy For Your Child

Toys always have a great influence with children especially those who are still in their early stage of growth and development. Toddlers have different perceptions when it comes to their toys, some can easily get bored while some can be so pushy that they easily destroy their toys. While electronic toys are very in demand, it can hinder a toddler’s ability to think beyond the rules of these devices. Thus, wooden toys are still the best toddler toys to give to your little one.

Wooden toddler toys have a lot of features, making it the most coveted toy of toddlers. These fine old handcrafted toys are unique and have a very promising potential to amuse and educate toddlers at the same time. Especially made to be a durable children’s toy, wooden toddler toys are easy to use and can handle hours of old-fashioned fun.

Why It Stands Out Above The Rest

Toys made from wood have been around before plastic toddler toys were invented. Here are some reasons why wooden toddler toys are the best among the rest:

More Durable and Affordable

Most modern toys available these days can be easily damaged and destroyed by your little one. Wooden toddler toys on the other hand are more resilient since they can endure rough play and constant battering. These toddler toys are made from the finest wood materials assuring quality, form and function. Because these toys are very durable, they are more cost-effective. You no longer have to replace broken toys every now and then.

More Educational

Your toddler becomes more inquisitive and curious when he hits the toddler stage. Wooden toddler toys allow him to channel his thoughts into a more productive source. With the different kinds of wooden toys available, discovery and learning are well stimulated. There are wooden toy puzzle sets for the alphabet, shapes, colors, sizes, numbers and so on that helps boost his motor, problem solving and hand-eye coordination skills. He learns how to reason and his mind retention increases as well.

Wooden toddler toys also unleash your toddler’s creativity through imaginative play. It provides ample room for his thoughts to develop and flourish beyond what he sees in his computer games and the TV. With his short attention span, these toys give unlimited possibilities for playtime. He can play with them or make something out of them. Because of the positive effects of these toys, his overall development is enhanced increasing his chance to be a highly capable adult in the future.

More Safe

Since these toys are made from natural materials that are free from any synthetic chemicals, they have passed the standard safety measure of toys, proving they are much safer for your toddler’s health. You no longer have to constantly worry if your toddler chokes or injures himself.

Improves Self-worth

At an early age, your toddler’s self-esteem must be nurtured. Wooden toddler toys give him freedom and independence to create and solve things on his own. Once he is self-resilient, he grows confident and strong allowing him to be emotionally stable to cope with the people and the world around him.

Beyond money and durability, wooden toddler toys greatly mold a toddler’s personality which he can carry on throughout adulthood. The benefits it gives on a physical, mental, social and emotional level is beyond exceptional making it the best toy for toddlers.

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Types of Toddler Toys For Boys

Shopping for toys for your little boy is always a fun thing to do since he will generally like any toy you put in front of him. But as he grows older and reaches the toddler stage, his preferences may undergo changes. The stuffed animal he used to love when he was still a baby may now be forgotten. As your little boy continues to develop, providing him with the right toys is important.

With the different types of toddler toys for boys available in the market, choosing the perfect toy for your little one can be overwhelming. So to help relieve your stress, here is a complete round-up of toddler toys for boys.

Blocks and Puzzles

By now, your little boy likes keeping his hands busy. What better way for him to have the grandest time doing it by playing with blocks and puzzles. Building blocks and puzzles and knocking them over to re-build them once again is a favorite activity for many little boys. Look for colorful wooden blocks such as a construction, alphabet or number set. Puzzles are also great teaching tools with fun designs ranging from animals, numbers, down to a shape sorting clock. Blocks and puzzles help increase your toddler’s motor, fine motor and cognitive skills. Plus, hand-eye coordination is enhanced.

Cars, Trains and Construction Toys

During the toddler stage, your little boy loves role playing and outdoor play. At this age, he wants to have every vehicle toy available and be cool just like his dad. Give him construction toys like a crane, truck or a train to help develop mobility. Also, these toddler toys are good sources of pretend play.

Musical Instruments

Your toddler will love tinkering with musical toys. From a mini piano, guitar to a drum set, these types of toddler toys for boys are good instruments to help discover his hidden talents. He gets to listen and sing along to his favorite nursery rhymes. In addition, these toys will also help boost-up his love for the arts, crafts and music.

Ride On Toys

Once he is able to walk and move around on his own, he will want to explore his surroundings more. Ride on toys for boys will do the trick. There are different types of ride on toys available, the following are:

  • Foot to Floor Rides. Best for toddlers from ages 2 to 5, he can simply sit on the toy and move himself around using his feet to drive along the ground helping him strengthen his arms and legs.
  • Motor Rides. Battery operated motor rides are perfect for your little boy especially if he enjoys speed and loves to imitate your driving. They come with adjustable speeds with safety features ensuring your child’s safety.
  • Pedal Ride Ons. A tricycle is a good substitute for a normal bike if in case he still walks unstable. Just make sure you get him a pedal ride on that has a brake and is appropriate for his age, height and weight.
  • Wagon. Fit for all ages, wagons are best played with other people around. He and his younger brother or sister can take turns riding and pushing the wagon.

With the unlimited choices of toddler toys for boys, you can be sure to find one that is perfect for your little boy. But, be sure to get him toys that are not only fun but are great assistance to boosting his development as well.

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How to Choose The Best Toddler Toys For Girls

Looking for the best toddler toys for your little girl can be quite a challenge. After all, you do not want to buy a toy that will only upset your child but you also do not want her to play for a moment and then get bored the next minute either. There are unlimited choices of toddler toys for girls, some are extremely cute to look at but can cause harm to your little girl. That is why, it is very crucial on your part to know how to choose toys that are fun, safe and entertaining.

Your little lady’s play activities generally consists of Barbie dolls, dressing up, holding tea parties and doing various arts and crafts. Hence, choosing the toys that will accompany her with her activities is important. It can be overwhelming, but it is doable. To help you out, here are some tips on how to select the best toddler toys for girls.

Tips For Choosing Toddler Toys For Girls

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Toys Must Meet The Standard Safety Criteria

Choosing the perfect toy for your little girl can be frustrating because there are a lot of options to choose from. However, before you buy something, always remember to check the labels of toddler toys first. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your little girl stays safe all the time. Sometimes, you have to leave your toddler unattended and making sure her toys do not display any risk will give you peace of mind. Here is a standard safety guideline intended for little girl’s toddler toys:

  • There should be no lead found in the materials used.
  • There should be no sharp ends or parts that can be easily broken.
  • There should be no small parts that can cause choking hazards.
  • There should be no loose strings, everything must be perfectly seamed well.
  • There should be instructions for the correct usage of toys.

Toys Must Endure Rough Play

Its not only boys who play rough, girls tend to exert physical force with their toys as well. It is not a boy or girl thing. If she likes rough play, get her toddler toys that are not fragile. Instead of plastic toys, opt for toys made of wood.

Consider Her Age

Age is very important. If you buy your two year old girl toys that are suitable for four to five year old girls, chances are, she will not enjoy it and she will only get hurt. On the other hand, getting her a toy that is made for toddlers under her age will only bore her. Select toys that are fitting for her age and never get your little girl toys that are too big, too small or too tall for her height and weight. Go for toys that guarantee playtime to be fun and exciting.

Know Her Interests

It is essential for you to know what your little girl’s preferences are when it comes to her toys. Other than that, be sure to choose toys that not only ensure entertainment but allows learning through play as well. Here are some recommendations:

If she likes….

Pretend play

  • Doll House. Every little girl’s childhood becomes complete once she owns a doll house. Get her a complete doll house set. One that has miniature family dolls, rooms complete with tiny furniture’s and a front yard or backyard garden.
  • Little Mommy Dolls. These dolls are excellent first baby dolls for your little girl. If she likes taking care of things, get her a doll that comes with a set of clothes, rattle, baby bottle and a headband. A baby doll with a recorded voice will also add her excitement.

Dressing Up

  • Barbie dolls. Every girl is in love with Barbie almost their entire toddler phase. If she is on the girly side, buy her a Barbie doll. Most Barbie’s come with extra set of clothes and shoes.

Arts and Crafts

  • Coloring books, watercolor paint and sketch pads. If she likes to doodle most of the time, channel here creativity on paper. She will have lots of fun filling up coloring books, sketch pads and blank canvases with drawing and paint. You can also give her an Aquadoodle Travel Go N Doodle if you want to minimize clutter.
  • Do-it-Yourself Projects. If she likes tinkering with her hands, a box of crafting projects like beading, paper mache or origami will do the trick.

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Outdoor Toddler Toys Your Child Will Love

Play is an essential part in a toddler’s development. It is where they learn how to make friends, share, take turns and enhance their skills. Generally, toddlers have a very curious personality. They love discovering the world around them. Plus, they love to play outside. Outdoor play allows them to be active, use all of their senses and imagination. From water toys, sand box to swings and sports toys, boundless of outdoor toys await your toddler.

Outdoor toddler toys keep your little one busy for hours. It also encourages him to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Buying quality outdoor toys can be an investment that will give years of enjoyment not only for your toddler but for the entire family as well.

Must-Have Outdoor Toddler Toys

The best outdoor toys are fun, educative and exciting. Here are some examples of outdoor toddler toys your little one will surely love:


The sandbox is an all-time favorite outdoor toy of most toddlers. This outdoor toy is suitable for many ages and can be used by a group of toddlers at the same time. A sandbox with a lid will help keep the sand clean and ready to use. Stock the sandbox with colorful accessories, like starfish or crab plastic toys. A plastic sand bucket set will truly give your toddler a good time. He can build, dig, mold, rake and shovel using adorable tiny tools.

Folding Slide

Your toddler is still too small to play with big slides. Get him a mini slide that is foldable and made from plastic. It gives the perfect opportunity for your toddler to exercise his sliding. Plus, he gets to practice how to walk, climb a ladder and sit down which are essential for boosting his motor skills. Most toddler slides these days come with rounded steps for easy climbing and high sideways that prevents him from falling.

Ride On Bikes and Cars

Your toddler will surely have the time of his life with ride on bikes and cars. This makes him feel like a grown-up since he gets to drive on his own. These toys allow him to do a simple tour around your backyard or pathway. They even have key-activated engine sounds with music, lights and sounds making playtime more exciting. Plus, it also enhances his coordination skills.

Pretend Tools

Pretend tools are great outdoor toys that allow him to unleash his creative side. Get your toddler a mini tool bench where he can pretend to repair or create objects resulting to an imaginative pretend play. This outdoor toy serves as the perfect opportunity for him to develop his fine motor and motor skills.

Play Tent

Your toddler’s inquisitiveness will be truly satisfied once you get him a play tent. Now, he can feel like he is a professional wildlife explorer. A play tent is very easy to assemble and made from top-notch materials that can withstand rain and strong wind. It has a water-proof floor as well making it a very safe and sturdy outdoor toy.


Toddlers love playhouse toys because they can easily go inside and outside. Some playhouse toys have features like a gas or work station. It even has a rear sports wall that includes a small basketball ring. There are a lot of designs your toddler can choose from – a town center playhouse, secret garden cottage or a castle playhouse.

When it comes to shopping for your toddler’s outdoor toys, weigh your options first. Consider his interests and choose toys that are age-appropriate. Look for toys that provide quality and function to ensure that they can withstand all elements and can satisfy his tastes.

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Most Popular Educational Toys For Toddlers

Toys are an essential part of a toddler’s development as most of his time is spent playing with them. Hence, picking out quality and educational toddler toys is very important. After all, you do not only want to keep your toddler entertained but you also want him to learn through play. By giving him the right tools at an early age, you are carefully molding your toddler to optimize his growth and abilities.

There are a lot of educational toys for toddlers that can help him learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, letters, boost his cognitive, motor and fine motor skills, introduce social interaction and hone his speech and vocabulary. Check out the following toddler toys that are popular in developing a toddler’s learning.

Best Toddler Educational Toys

Melissa & Doug-Leading Designer of Education Toys

Arts and Crafts Tools

Letting your toddler unleash the artist in him at an early age will help him bring out and maximize his artistic talents. With the help of arts and crafts toys, he develops his drawing, painting, shaping and other art related skills. Encourage him to make the most out of using water colors, pastel crayons, crayons, pens, pencils, sketch pads and so on. Also, arts and crafts are an excellent outlet where your toddler can freely express his emotions. This not only helps him mentally advance but as well as help him properly process his feelings that is essential in achieving proper development.

Bath Toys

A lot of action takes place during bath time. For sure, your toddler loves being in the water. Make the most out of it by getting him bath toys. He can play with his water flute and make different sounds, blow bubbles, put stickers of numbers in an ascending order in the wall, count how many rubber ducks are in the tub and so on.


For sure, your toddler absolutely loves it when it is storytelling time. Books are a great example of toddler learning toys, it gives him information and gets him thinking. Books with simple stories or books that come with music and foldable picture flaps will truly encourage him to read along with you. This helps increase his vocabulary and corrects his pronunciation.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are very indispensable when it comes to the development of his creative, imaginative and problem solving skills. These educational toys are like the first set of toys that teaches your toddler different things. Building blocks are very architectural. These toys can help your little one learn the basics such as the alphabet, shapes, numbers and primary colors. It helps build up his creativity, logic, methodical thinking and motor skills.

Electronic Toys

Electronic toys are innovative tools that help increase your toddler’s learning. These toys are very entertaining and educational at the same time. You can let him play thousands of educational online games in the web. Electronic learning toys like VTech can help him discover different sounds, shapes, colors, numbers, animals, alphabet, etc. while hearing music, watching the displays on the screen and pushing different buttons.


Puzzles for toddlers are a great way to train his mental skills since it is very significant for him to develop his dexterity in solving puzzles starting from the simple ones. His mind slowly increases development by just putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. Puzzle toys are a quiet learning activity that requires concentration with minimum interference. Therefore, he learns how to think logically to form related things together in order to form a bigger picture. This is a perfect opportunity for him to form small ideas into visions and into a reality.

With the help of educational toddler toys, you give your child a head start on his education as well as provide him with skills he will need in life.

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The Best Toddler Travel Toys to Keep Your Child Entertained While Traveling

As expected, toddlers have a short-attention span. They always like to explore and discover things, tinker with objects and do something new. Anything done repeatedly can tire them easily. When the whole family goes on a trip, toddlers are extremely hard to entertain. They find it impossible to sit still and be quiet for the entire journey. The best way to resolve this is to bring along his favorite toys on your next trip.

Whenever the whole family goes on a trip, toddler travel toys become the best friend of your toddler. These toys occupy his attention keeping him entertained until you reach your destination. By taking along the right travel toys, you can help eliminate your toddler’s uncontrollable emotions and secure yourself peace of mind.

Best Toddler Travel Toys

To ease your frustrations, here are some of the best toddler travel toys to bring along for your little one:

Block Sets

An all time favorite toy of toddlers, block sets will surely keep your toddler busy during the entire ride. He will surely love knocking over and then rebuilding his blocks. Get a block set in different shapes that is big and well-built to prevent any accidents. Wooden blocks are fine during a car ride but during a plane ride, opt to bring his plastic blocks so he will not disturb the passengers on board.

Melissa & Doug-Leading Designer of Education Toys


Books are not just for night time, these toys are great entertainers for long trips. Bring two to three of his favorite books. Better yet, get him a miniature board book that has flaps and movable parts to keep him busy. He will truly have the grandest time folding and unfolding the book.

Finger Puppets

What better way to keep your toddler entertained by putting on adorable finger puppets on your finger and your toddler’s finger. The both of you can have fun making up stories, portraying different characters or playing peek-a-boo with these tiny toys. Finger puppets are entertaining for your toddler since there are a lot of open-ended play possibilities.

Light Up Toys

Touch-sensitive toys that light up every time your toddler places a finger on it can be the most amusing toy for him. He easily gets attracted to bright things, so touching something and seeing it light up will intrigue him for the entire trip.

Musical Toys

Toddlers always love music. When getting ready for your trip, take some time to drop by any children’s store in your area. You will find a wide variety of musical toys, from a mini drum set, piano, maracas, singing and dancing puppets to the toys that teach your toddler the alphabet. Bring along toddler CD’s  as well to let him listen and sing along to his favorite nursery rhymes. Not only can these toys help keep your little one entertained but it also helps him learn a thing or two. Musical toys are both educative and entertaining at the same time.

Puzzles and Mini Board Games

Most probably, your toddler will get bored playing alone. Jigsaw puzzles and board games allow him to interact with other people. This helps him combat boredom, steer clear from tantrum displays and maintains the smile and laughter on his face. Get him a toy travel jigsaw puzzle. It is a four piece wooden set of animal or alphabet puzzle. It comes with a slide-out  puzzle tray with matching pictures under the pieces allowing him to easily complete the puzzle.

Sketch Pads and Coloring Books

Use doodle pads and coloring books to help satisfy his craving for drawing. Just see to it you let him use only washable crayons and markers. In this way, you can easily wash his clothes and clean out the areas (e.g. tables, wall, solid surfaces, etc.) with colors and pencils. You may also print out printable coloring sheets found in various kids’ websites. To make it extra fun for him, why not bring along a coloring book with re-usable stickers. A travel aquadoodle is another great mess-free traveling toy. All you need to do is fill-up the pad with water and let your toddler doodle away.

It is up to you to pick out which travel toys you think will keep your toddler happy. Packing an activity bag filled with toys will surely guarantee a fun and relaxing trip for you and your toddler. Just make sure you have a variety of toddler travel toys. In this way, he will not run out of entertaining things to do.

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