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Taking Care of Your Toddler’s Teeth

The development of your toddler depends on how healthy he is. If you train him to be health conscious, then most likely he will be able to maximize his growth and potentials. Little details require attention as well. Your toddler’s teeth are very important to his health. Once his pearly whites start popping out, extra work is needed to keep his teeth in tip-top condition. Promoting dental health must always start at an early age so that future problems will be prevented.

At this point, you and your toddler may constantly argue especially when he refuses to brush his teeth. While this is normal, taking immediate action is imperative to prevent any toothaches, tooth decays and other dental problems from occurring. Here is a basic toddler teeth care guideline to help you out.

Dental Care How To’s

Start As Early As The Teething Stage

Before he starts growing his first tooth, it is highly recommended by child care experts that at this point, parents must exercise dental care to their toddler. This is done to make sure there are no food particles left that can cause bacteria which in turn slows down the growth of his teeth. You can start off by simply cleaning your toddler’s gums with a soft, clean and wet cloth after he takes his meals. Let him drink plenty of water throughout the day to wash off any build-up as well. Giving him a teether also helps soothe irritable gums.

Make His First Visit to The Dentist

Once your toddler hits the age of one, make an appointment to a dentist. While dentist’s may seem scary, they know what is right for your toddler’s dental health. A dentist ensures your little one’s oral health is in its finest condition. This teeth expert can help point out a few bad habits that imposes negative effects to his teeth. Also, the dentist can teach you proper techniques to help your toddler retain good oral health.

Always Brush Teeth

Tooth brushing is the most effective way to preserve your toddler’s teeth. If you find it difficult to make your little one brush his teeth, why not turn it into a fun ritual instead. The next time he brushes his teeth, do it together. In this way, he will no longer feel that brushing is a tedious task. Together, you can hum his favorite nursery rhyme or even count the number of brush strokes each of you did. Of course, brushing will not be complete without these essentials:

  • Toothpaste. A non-fluoride toothpaste is best for your little one. These toothpastes come in different yummy flavors which is perfectly fine to swallow if he still does not know how to spit.
  • Toothbrush. For your toddler’s sensitive gums and still developing teeth, a soft-bristled toothbrush will gently clean his teeth without causing any irritation. See to it you incorporate your toddler’s favorite, like getting him a toothbrush in his favorite color and character or an electric soft-bristled brush that helps clean teeth quicker and more meticulously. Plus, the whizzing sound will surely catch his attention.

Floss Regularly

Flossing helps clean your little one’s teeth especially in the areas his toothbrush cannot reach. Go for a floss with a yummy flavor instead of plain ones. It would be better if you do the flossing for him until he learns how to manage sharp objects.

Control Sweet Intakes

Candies, chocolates, chips, sodas and other sweet foods must be taken in moderation. Train your child to eat healthy foods instead to help his teeth properly develop. By this time, he must also drink water, milk, juice or any beverage in a cup since a baby bottle can increase the teeth’s exposure to sugar and trap bacteria inside the mouth.

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