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Breastfeeding – Why It Is An Essential Part of A Toddler’s Food Pyramid

Nutrition is vital for toddlers. When nourished well, proper toddler development is achieved. Almost everyone agrees that in order to get the best nutrition, breast milk must be taken by toddlers. Breastfeeding is the safest and most effective way to nurture your tot especially when he is a picky eater. Generally, this results to proper overall growth. Also, it serves as an effective shield eliminating allergies, diseases and sickness.

A mother’s milk contains vitamins and minerals that are not found in ordinary food. Since a toddler is too young to consume foods rich in nutrition, breastfeeding covers all bases of the toddler food pyramid. More so, it has been clinically proven that toddlers who were breast fed from infancy to ages one to three are more physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially fit.

In a toddler’s food pyramid, breastfeeding displays a lot of advantages. Here are some reasons as to why it is an essential part of a tot’s food pyramid:

Provides Complete Vitamins and Nutrients

A food pyramid is divided into different sections - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Your toddler is too young to supply his delicate body with solid food. Thus, breastfeeding serves as an excellent alternative. It supplies just the right amount of nutrients for your child such as - protein is an essential balance in the food pyramid since this is the number one source of energy. Vitamin A serves as your toddler’s guard against infection. Vitamin B for building the muscles and strengthen the organs. While Vitamin D helps your tot grow in accordance with his age. It gives him calcium for the development of strong bones and teeth.

Strengthens Immune System

A toddler is not able to eat different foods in the food pyramid since this phase is very crucial. Picky eaters or loss of appetite is common hence the poor completion of the food pyramid. With breastfeeding, your toddler gets all the food he needs and is coupled with very rich nutrients that serves as antibodies for a stronger immune system making breast milk the number one food supplement to complete the food pyramid.

Balances Food Intake

Too much of something is bad. Admit it; your toddler does not want to eat all the food you offer him. He may prefer chips and sweets over vegetables. This is normal, but relying on these foods does not guarantee ample coverage of the food pyramid. With breastfeeding, every single nutrient needed by the body is given. So even though your child does not eat that much solid food, you are sure that he is completely nourished in every aspect of the food pyramid.

Improves Body Resistance From Sickness

During this time, your toddler can be too sensitive with the food he takes in. Allergies, infections and diseases can be found in foods like rice, dairy products or formula milk. Breastfeeding secures your tot against health conditions. It has an immunological system that safeguards the immune system minimizing serious risks like asthma, diabetes and respiratory viruses. Along with its antibodies, breastfeeding not only protects your toddler from illness but at the same time supplies him with all the nutrients needed for his age.

Breastfeeding is the primary source of a child’s nourishment. Even without solid food, breast milk covers every part of the food pyramid making it a highly recommended source of nutrition for toddlers.

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