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Toddler Swimming – Teaching A Toddler To Swim

Knowing how to swim is one life skill every individual should know. Teaching a toddler to swim as early as possible will help him get comfortable and equipped while in the water. Here is a step-by-step toddler swimming guide to help you out.

Get Comfortable In The Water

The first step to teaching any toddler how to swim is to make him feel comfortable in the water. Start in shallow water so your toddler can sit and stand with his head above water. Hold his hand and take him to the steps. Sit down together. Give him a toy, sing a song or play games. This will help your child associate water with fun.

Blow Bubbles

Have your toddler sit on the steps and have him watch you as you dip your mouth and chin into the water. Or, you can try submerging your nose, showing him how to blow bubbles through the nose and then ask him to follow you. If your little one is still hesitant to put his face in the water, you can practice blowing bubbles in the bath tub instead. Start by scooping a small amount of water and ask your little one to blow bubbles while gradually lowering your hands into the tub. Slowly remove your hands altogether. Once he is at ease lying on his tummy and blowing bubbles on his own, it is time to try it in the pool.

Submerge The Head

Once your toddler is comfortable blowing bubbles, ask him to try dipping his whole head. Remind him to blow bubbles. You can do it together or you can put your hand on his head while counting up to 3. Doing this helps reduce his anxiety. If he does not like getting his ears wet, pretend that there are fishes in the water and ask him to listen to them.

Practice Kicking

Start by letting him sit on the top step. Stretch his legs in the water and tell him to kick. Once he gets the hang of it, position your toddler’s hands on the edge of the pool. Hold onto his waist and then tell him to “Kick, kick, kick” or “Make waves.”. Continue holding your toddler as you move him around the water as he continues to kick.

Practice Gliding

Once your toddler is an expert at blowing bubbles and kicking, it is time to combine the two. Place your hands in his armpits and slowly glide him around the pool as he kicks. Ask him to blow bubbles with his nose and mouth immersed for 3 seconds and then have him blow bubbles with his face entirely underwater.

Allow Your Toddler To Do It By Himself

Once he has mastered the three skills, have your little one swim to you on his own. Move away from him about 2 feet and ask him to stand on the steps, put his hands over his head, face in the water and push off the step and kick toward you. Once he reaches you, scoop him up, give him a hug and say “You did it! I am so proud of you.”. Offering praise motivates you toddler to try again and will make swimming a positive experience.

When teaching your toddler how to swim, it is also important to teach him safety skills so he can rescue himself in case of an emergency. Train him to extend his arms and legs to the sides like a starfish and blow bubbles in the water.

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Fun Toddler Activities For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is not just for couples, this day is for toddlers too. Valentine’s day is a wonderful time to teach your toddler about love, gratitude and empathy. Here are some fun toddler activities to try this Valentine’s day that will surely keep the two of you busy all day long.

Valentine’s Day Kiddie Party

Nothing makes this special day more extraordinary by holding a party. Make a list of children you want to invite. Send Valentine’s invitation cards. Plan your menu, music as well as the activities the children will be doing. Together with your toddler, decorate the room with heart-shaped or red and pink balloons, whirls, wall accents, drapes and cupids.

Homemade Crafts

Nothing is cuter and sweeter than homemade Valentine’s crafts made by your little angel. Of course, the classic Valentines card should be on top of your toddler’s to-do list. Spice it up by buying plain card stocks, patterned paper, buttons, ribbons, strings, doily, stickers, markers and crayons and then let him embellish it as he fits. Write a sweet verse on the card or cute one-liners such as “You are my Valentine.”, “Sealed with a kiss.” or “Cute as a button.”. and then ask him to sign his name.

Another great idea is to create homemade refrigerator stick-ons. Paint small wooden hearts or ask your toddler to swirl and slap finger paints on a white poster board and let it air dry. Then, cut out heart shapes and attach a double-sided tape on the back of each one and write a quirky sentiment. Glue the magnet on the back and you have a charming tool to display notes and photos.


Now is the best time to indulge your toddler’s sweet tooth (and yours as well). Whip up a charming and yummy treat together. Find a sugar cookie recipe and use heart shaped cookie cutters to form a heart and then have him decorate them with anything his heart desires (red frosting, edible marker, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc.). While you are at it, tell your toddler how much you love him or how you are thankful that he is doing well in school.

Sing A Song

While you are doing things together, why not belt out a tune. Choose a fun song and change the words to a specific name and so on. Here are some songs you can sing with your little one:

Be My Valentine (to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb)

You’re a special friend of mine,

Friend of mine, friend of mine.

You’re a special friend of mine.

Please be my Valentine.

Heart (to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)

There is a shape, it stands for love,

And heart is its name.

H-E-A-R-T (3x)

And heart is its name.

Play Games

A day before Valentine’s day, cut out a bunch of colorful hearts. Hide them around the house and ask your toddler to look for them the next day. You can make a collage and hang it in his room once he has recovered them.

Or, you can also play “Memory Game”. Paste multi-colored hearts with notes such as “I love you.”, “Be mine.”, etc. (make sure you make 2 of each) in index cards. Place them face-down and then ask your toddler to find their matches. Use a timer to make it more exciting.

Valentine’s day is one special day to create memories with your toddler. These ideas will make your bonding and expression of love even sweeter.

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Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for your toddler’s development. There are tons of things you can do outside your home, you just have to think outside the box. Here are seven outdoor activities for kids you must try with your child.

Hopscotch Caterpillar

Add a twist to this classic outdoor game by getting out the colored chalk and help your little one draw a big circle with a face and antenna and then add 10 or 20 more circles using different colors of chalks to make a jumbo-size caterpillar. Invite your neighbour’s kids or ask every family member to join the fun and take turns running from one end to the other, skipping from circle to circle or hopping from the green to the red to the yellow circle. Use a stopwatch to make the race more electrifying.

Shadow Tracing

Use a sidewalk chalk to outline your toddler’s shadow and then let him move to another location and draw that shadow. After which, ask him to try and fit his body back in the traced form with his shadow or have him color the circles. This activity is an excellent learning experience that teaches your toddler about shadows and encourages exploration.

Catch A Critter

Pick an insect that interests your little one. Butterflies, grasshoppers, fireflies and ladybugs are child-friendly specimens. With an insect net, help your toddler capture the insect and put it in a plastic jar along with a small stick and some fresh leaves. Cover the container but be sure to punch a few small holes in the cover for air. Your toddler can squirt the lid with water every day, provide new leaves and clean the jar. Not only can this activity expose your toddler to the beauty of Mother Nature but this will also help him learn how to take care of animals.

Lawn Flicks

Make watching movies more exciting by holding it outdoors. Drape a white sheet from a clothesline and use a digital projector to play the movie (you can rent one from your local computer rental store). Lay a big blanket on the ground, bring some popcorn, drinks and pillows for a perfect outdoor movie night.


Ask him to tag along while you walk the dog. Play follow-the-leader and ask him to follow you by tiptoeing, hopping, sliding his feet or marching. Allow him to walk up and down hills. Walk around your neighbourhood or go to the park and while you are at it, play a game of “I Spy” or look at the sky and ask him what images and shapes he sees.

Let’s Get Physical

Outdoor play is entertaining and a necessary activity for toddlers. Spend at least 30 minutes outdoors and play a game of tag, hide and seek, kick ball, sack race, obstacle course or run around a sprinkler. This activity also ensures you and your toddler will get your daily dose of exercise.

Grow A Mini Garden

Stimulate your child’s inquisitiveness about the world by giving him his own pot of soil or a garden patch and let him decide what he wants to plant – a flower, herb or vegetable (e.g. marigold, basil, tomato or green beans). Put him in charge of watering his plant.

Being outdoors is a lot of fun and at the same time, very educational for toddlers. These easy outdoor activities will keep your toddler totally entertained without having to spend too much.

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Toddler Games That Teach Good Behaviour

Parenthood is a huge responsibility. One of the most important obligations you need to instil in your toddler is good behaviour. Fortunately, you can teach your toddler proper manners while having fun at the same time. How? By playing toddler games! Here is a list of good behaviour games to try.

Build A Train

Gather several large cardboard boxes. Provide a variety of art supplies – crayons, markers, stickers, glue, construction paper, etc. and ask each toddler to turn the box into a train car. After they are done decorating the outsides of their box, assist them in organizing the boxes one behind the other and then ask them to jump aboard for a make-believe train ride.

What It Teaches: Teamwork and Perseverance

This game encourages toddlers to work hard in order to generate a positive result. It also teaches the value of cooperation and creates a feeling of “oneness” as they help decorate each other’s boxes.

Blind Workers

Group the toddlers into 3 and assign a leader per team. Each team leader receives an object they are supposed to create (e.g. bridge, tower, etc.) and building materials. The team members are blindfolded so they cannot see the model they have to make. Then, the team leader will direct his teammates to copy the model using the provided materials by giving verbal directions to the members. The team that finishes first is declared as winners

What It Teaches: Leadership, Trust and Cooperation

This game effectively teaches toddlers the significance of giving accurate instructions, performing them correctly, improves leadership skills and promotes trust in children.

I Spy

This game is a great boredom buster. You can take turns spotting nearby objects and describing them. For instance, while you are driving to the grocery store, you can say “I spy with my eye something that is tall…”, then your toddler will try to guess the object by looking for it by following your description. Once he guesses it correctly, he gets to be the next “spy”.

What It Teaches: Patience

Everyone knows toddlers are very impatient because they have a short attention span. The I Spy game will teach your little one to be persistent and to wait courteously while others take their turn.

The Cheer Up Game

Draw a couple of faces showing different gloomy emotions (angry, sad, scared and crying) on large pieces of paper. Place them on a basket and ask the toddlers to take turns picking a face and then have them act out the feeling. For instance, an “angry” toddler can pretend to cross his arms or shout. Then, ask the other players to think of ways to help the “angry” child feel better. They can ask questions like “Why are you mad?” or console the “angry” child by giving the toddler a pat on the back.

What It Teaches: Compassion

This is a very important behaviour toddlers must learn. Through this game, toddlers are able to understand how it feels to be hurt and why it is very important to show respect and be kind to others.

Follow The Helpful Leader

Ask your toddler to follow the “helpful leader” (you). Lead him inside a messy room by singing a song, hopping or clapping. Then, start cleaning up. Make sure he is copying your actions. After a few minutes, switch roles. Your toddler will be the “helpful leader” while you are the follower. Once the room is clean, say “This room looks very tidy!”.

What It Teaches: Cleanliness

This teaches your toddler that he should be accountable of cleaning up his own mess and that tidying up can be fun. It will also motivate him to help in household chores.

Teaching your toddler good behaviour does not have to be complicated. All it takes is a little creativity and entertainment.

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Fun Toddler Activities That Can Effectively Reduce Your Toddler’s Screen Time

If all your toddler does is watch TV, play video games and use the computer, he becomes less exposed to other worthwhile activities. Toddlers need to experience different things for them to grow well. Here are some fun toddler activities you can try to cut down your toddler’s screen time.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are always a delightful activity. It is an activity that challenges a toddler’s mind. Here are some crafty ideas you can try with your little one:

  • Finger paint
  • Mold play dough
  • Create bracelets and necklaces using strings and Cheerios as beads
  • Make sock puppets
  • Create a collage or scrapbook
  • Origami
  • Make your own world map, musical instruments, jigsaw puzzle or building blocks (using foam)

Pretend Play

Play a game of make believe with your little one. Not only will it make your baby happier, but it will also encourage your toddler to use his imagination which is helpful for his development. Pretend you are at a ship. Wrap a handkerchief or bandana around his head. Use toys as his passengers. Take turns playing doctor and patient. Stage a play and use finger or sock puppets as the characters. Imagine that you are taking a vacation. Get a small bag and ask your toddler to place what things he would like to bring with him.

Cooking Together

Instead of forbidding your little one in the kitchen, why not ask your toddler to pitch in? He will be more than happy to help you out. Give him easy tasks. He can wash the fruits and vegetables, measure ingredients, stir or let him slice some ingredients using a nylon knife (safe for children to use). Of course, do not forget to keep the stove top, pans, sharp knives and other hazardous tools out of reach.

The Sorting Game

Take out different objects (e.g. plastic cups and utensils, plates, toys and fruits) on the table or on the floor and ask your toddler to separate them into different groups (e.g. by color, shape, size or use). While he is sorting them out, ask him to name each object.

Make Your Own Obstacle Course

On a safe and even surface, pile up pillows to make walls, place hula hoops or a box and a makeshift tent. Place a prize at the end of the course. Ask your toddler to knock down the pillows, hop, jump and crawl until he reaches the finish line.

Treasure Hunt

Give your toddler a small plastic pail and a list of items he needs to find. Give him a time limit. To make it more fun, ask your toddler to do something first before he gets the object like counting to ten or singing a song.


Reading is a fun and educational activity. Have your toddler pick a book he likes. Read it aloud (do not forget to change the tone of your voice and facial expression to emphasize the words). Once you are done reading, discuss the book with your toddler. Ask him who his favorite character is or how the story would end if he was the author.

Going Outside

Take a stroll in the park. Ride a bicycle. Let him mingle with his peers in the playground. Organize an outdoor play date with your neighbour’s kids. Play tag, hide and seek, soccer or Frisbee. The fresh air, sunlight and adrenaline rush will be good for your child.

There is a whole world out there waiting for your toddler. So get your toddler’s eyes off the screen so he will not miss out a wonderful road to discovery.

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Tips For Planning A Birthday Party For Your Toddler

A birthday party is undoubtedly a special occasion for parents and children. However, planning it can be very stressful. Here are some fun and hassle-free ideas for planning a birthday party for your precious angel.

Decide On A Theme

First, you need to pick a theme. Having a theme will help you plan everything more smoothly. Go for a simple theme. Good examples of children’s party themes include your toddler’s favorite cartoon character or superhero, pirate and forest theme for little boys while rainbow and princess theme for little girls. Let your little one tag along to the store and have your child pick out the decorations (e.g. the spoons, forks, plates, cups and party hats that match the theme). Do not spend too much on the decorations since they will be just thrown out afterwards.

Keep It Intimate

Too many strange faces may scare your little one, so keep your guest list short. Only invite a small number of people like your relatives, close friends and a few toddlers living in your neighbourhood.

Childproof The Area

Since there are other toddlers attending the party, make sure you take out furnitures, appliances or anything that can endanger the children’s safety. Have a safe play area where your toddler and the other kids can play freely.

Keep It Simple

When preparing a birthday party for your toddler, try not to go overboard. Remember, less is more especially when it comes to children. Use balloons, streamers, banners and ribbons to give your home a festive look. Do not forget to play children’s songs to keep the mood cheerful.

Also, it would be pointless to supply a lot of party food. Finger foods such as chips, a veggie or fruit platter, crackers, hotdogs, pizza, fish sticks and hamburgers as well as ice cream, soda and juice for refreshments are more than enough to feed your guests. Of course, do not forget to order a birthday cake that matches your theme. Having a “sweet station” where the kids can pick the sweets (e.g. candies, marshmallows, chocolate coins, sprinkles, etc.) they want to bring home is also a foolproof idea.

Pick Fun Games

No children’s party will ever be complete without games. But keep the games to a minimum since children have a very short attention span. 2 to 3 small games will do. Here are some fun party games for toddlers you can try:

  • Traffic Lights
  • Musical Chairs
  • London Bridge
  • Pair Them Up

Time It Right

Toddlers do not handle parties very well. To avoid a meltdown, make sure your toddler is well-rested. Schedule the birthday party around your toddler’s naptime, say 3 or 4 in the afternoon. In addition, keep the party short, an hour or two is enough to celebrate your toddler’s birthday.

Your toddler’s birthday is a wonderful event. So make sure to plan it well to ensure everyone will have a good time. Do not forget to charge your camera so you can record this momentous occasion and give the guests a souvenir to show your appreciation.

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Children and Halloween – Helping Them Get Ready

Children and Halloween are like two peas in a pod. There is something about this season that makes toddlers giddy. With Halloween just around the corner, you should have polished your preparation by now so your toddler can enjoy this special night out. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your little one a happy trick-or-treating experience.

Pick A Costume

A few weeks before Halloween, pick out a costume for your toddler. Make sure to get your toddler’s opinion first to ensure your child is interested in it. For little boys, Elmo, Lil’ Monster, Pirate, Stinger Bee, Super Mario, superhero (e.g. Spiderman, Batman and Captain America) and animal costumes are perfect while dressing little girls in storybook princesses (Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White), Madeline, Strawberry Shortcake, ballerina and flower costumes will keep them looking adorable.

In addition, make sure the costume you will choose is easy to move around in, will keep your toddler warm, not too heavy and is brightly colored so drivers can easily spot your child on the street, avoiding any accidents. If he will be wearing something dark, put reflective tapes on the costume, have him wear a glow bracelet or give him a reflective pail instead of the usual trick or treat basket.

Lastly, keep your expense reasonable. Overspending on a garment that will only be worn for a couple of hours for one night of the year is just unreasonable.

Decorate Your Home

Halloween will not be complete without the decorations. Get rid of any clutter in your porch and backyard. Hang an inexpensive solar light along your walkway to keep the path well lit. Carve pumpkins. Place jack-o’-lanterns in your front steps and garden. Hang spider webs with plastic spiders or black socks with toy bats on your front door. Stick glow in the dark cats, skeletons or ghosts to the windows. Staple neon colored googly eyes to tree trunks so it looks like someone is watching.

Prepare The Goodies

Go to the grocery or candy store with your little one and have him pick out candies for trick-or-treating. Better yet, have some fun in the kitchen by making Halloween homemade goodies. The two of you can make spider cupcakes, bone shaped biscuits, fruity eyeballs and pumpkin sugar pops. Keep the decorations Halloween-related by sticking to colors black, orange and white. Other awesome treats you can offer aside from candies are fun erasers, stickers, notepads and miniature pumpkin plastic figurines.

Gather All The Essentials Your Toddler Will Need

Trick-or-treating can be tiring for little pumpkins because they will visit one house to another and walk 2 or 3 blocks. Prepare a bag with everything your little one will need. Pack bottled water, diapers, tissue, wet wipes, snacks, sippy cup, small towel, a jacket and a camera (for capturing that special moment). It is also a smart idea to take a stroller with you so your young one can take a rest when his feet are tired.

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. Whatever you end up doing with your toddler, make sure it is something your toddler will enjoy and cherish for the rest of his life.

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Bath Time Games For Toddlers

Are you having a hard time giving your toddler a bath? Worry no more, these fun bath time games promise to entertain your toddler and end your crisis of getting him clean once and for all.

Go Fish

While your little one is sitting in bath water, why not play a fishing game? You can purchase a bath toy set (e.g. Munchkin Bath Toy Set or Sassy Catch N Release Net Bath Toy) or make your own marine-life collection by buying a small aquarium net for your toddler and some craft foam. Using the craft foam, cut different sea creature like fishes, starfishes, sea horses, dolphins and whales. You may also download and print a sea life template. Let the creatures float around the water and challenge your toddler to scoop up all of the fish or everything that is green.

The Card Game

Your toddler will need foam-like card like the Splashimals by Milliwik. He can get them wet, stick them to the wall and then help him name the animals one by one or ask him what sound each animal makes. This is a great game to boost your toddler’s enthusiasm to take a bath while improving his artistic, memory and reading skills.

Hello, Teddy!

Encourage your young one to shampoo his own baby’s hair (he may use a plush bath toy or an old teddy bear) while you are shampooing his hair. It is a very effective technique that will distract him while at the same time, make him more at ease with the hair washing process.

Bath Time At The Zoo

Gather all your toddler’s plush stuffed animals and have them join your toddler while you are giving him a bath. Tell him that the animals are dirty and are in need of some good scrubbing. Your toddler will truly have fun getting his stuffed animals squeaky clean.

Eye Spy

Wondering what is the simplest way to prevent soap from entering into your toddler’s eyes? Have him look up while you wash him. You can blow bubbles in the direction of the ceiling or stick a colorful poster on the ceiling.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Place an unbreakable mirror on the wall where your toddler will face. While you shampoo his hair, let him watch as you turn  his hair it into a Mohawk, a flattop, give him a pair of antlers or a pirate’s mustache.

Measuring Game

Place an assortment of plastic spoons, bowls, cups and other kitchen items in the bathtub. While you slather soap on his skin, have him pour and measure water using his tools. Then, ask him which items float, which ones go down or which holds more water better, the bowl or the glass?

Name That Body Part

Use washable crayons or markers to outline the different parts of your toddler’s body. Point out the markers in his body and ask your toddler to name as many parts as he can. After naming a part, rinse it off with a soapy washcloth until no marker is left.

These bath time games will surely keep you and your toddler laughing, making bathing stress-free for the two of you. So do not be surprised if he wants to take a second, third or fourth bath just so he can play these games again.

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Choosing The Best Travel Destinations For Kids

Traveling is a great bonding activity for families. Parents can unwind and take their minds off work which allows them to focus on their children and strengthen parent-child relationship. Choosing the best travel destinations for kids need not be complicated as long as their needs and wants are considered. Here are some tips to help you out.

Tip # 1: Make A List

Make a list of the places that interests your family. Do you want to go to a place where everyone can enjoy? Then list down Disneyland or a private beach resort. Is your toddler fascinated with culture? New York has lots of museums that will surely satiate his interest. Plus, you and your partner can see a Broadway show. By listing down your choices, you can better come up with an idea that will satisfy everyone.

Tip # 2: Consider Accessibility

After making a list, weigh the pros and cons. Search the web to learn more information about each place. Guidebooks and magazines are also great resources to find out what each option has to offer – a hotel that caters to children (e.g. kiddie pools, playground or a babysitting service), attractions your toddler can explore, kid-friendly restaurants and other places of interest you can visit via a train or rental car. The more you know about a place, the more you can make the most out of the trip.

Tip # 3: Consider The Impact

If your little one can withstand long hours of air travel and jet lag, then flying to another city is perfect. But, if you are uncertain about taking a long trip with your toddler, opt for local destinations instead. Why not try camping? For sure, your toddler will have fun staying outdoors and pretend to be a hunter. There are websites that will help you choose the best family campground in your area. Stay at a hotel during the weekend. Ride a train and visit the countryside. Take a trip to a dairy farm or a fruit farm so your little one can see how his food is produced. Plus, he can even help milk a cow or pick his favorite fruits. This is a good way to get your toddler used to traveling before you take a trip across the globe.

Tip # 4: Do Not Be Too Detail-Oriented

Sometimes, you do not have to always pick a place that is family friendly. Take a break from all the preparation and expose your little one to the real world by planning a daytrip to a construction site, train track, park, zoo and taco bus. New restaurants are great local destinations as well. You and your toddler can try out new dishes which is a great way to introduce him to a variety of foods and give him a break from eating deep fried foods.

No matter where you decide to travel with your toddler, make sure to relish the experience and make happy memories you can look back fifty years from now.

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Fun Backyard Games For Toddlers

In this modern time, it is very easy for toddlers to be glued in their iPad, Xbox or computer. Though they may be fun, they will never replace classic backyard games. Below are some fun backyard games that will guarantee you, your toddler and his friends a great time, a healthy body and a blissful spirit.


Toddlers love bubbles, even grown-ups do. Blow bubbles with your little one and have him catch, chase and pop them. You can buy bubble guns, automatic bubble makers or make your own bubbles to make this game even more fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

Buy a box of jumbo washable sidewalk chalk, place them in a bucket and let your toddler go crazy on your driveway and walkways. He can draw different shapes, animals, numbers, letters or anything he wants. Then, point out each doodle, name them one by one and let him repeat after you.

Obstacle Course

Invite your toddler’s friends over. Let them run through planks, crawl from corner to corner, hop or jump through hula hoops and walk with a ball in between their knees. This physical activity will get their body up and running and will leave them exhausted yet happy. But, do make sure that the course is age-appropriate and secure from any hazards.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items in your garden and let the youngsters find them. You can hide easy to spot items such as toys and small items such as eggs, coins, leaves or markers to make it more challenging. Rather than making it a solo game, divide the toddlers into teams so they can look for the items together which teaches them the value of cooperation. Give the winning team a special prize and of course, prepare a consolation prize for the other team.

Mother May I?

Line up the toddlers side by side except the child who is the “caller”. Position the caller 5 to 6 feet away from the players. The caller will ask each player to take a number of steps towards him. Every player should ask “Mother, may I?” and then the mother (caller) answers “Yes, you may”. If the player does not ask permission after he gets his orders and takes the prescribed steps toward the mother, he will be sent back to the starting line. Whoever reaches the caller first is proclaimed the winner and new caller.

Follow The Leader

Assign one child as the leader. Let the others tag along in a line as the leader goes across the backyard. The players should sing “We are following the leader, leader, leader, we are following the leader anywhere he will go.”. The leader can take his followers around trees, through bushes or skip along a zigzagged garden hose. The followers must mimic the leader. Change leaders so everyone can try to be in front.

Freeze Tag

Appoint an “it” toddler. The “it” child must then tag the other children by patting them on the shoulder. The tagged toddler must remain at a standstill until another free child pats them. When the “it” child freezes all the players, the game is over and they can start again. The last person tagged will be the next “it”.

Soil Wildlife

Satiate your toddler’s curiosity by playing an inspector game. Provide your little one with a toy shovel, shallow dish, magnifying glass, notebook and pencil. Let him dig for decayed leaves, seeds, stones or soil around your garden, spread them in the dish and observe it using a magnifying glass. Help him record or draw his findings. This game will teach your child important lessons about nature.

These action-packed backyard games will leave your toddler breathless, sticky and happy – a feeling no computer game or tennis tournament in Wii can ever elicit.

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