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Getting Your Toddler to Sleep – A Guide For Parents

Are you having a hard time getting your toddler to sleep? Do you constantly wake up in the middle of the night to find your tot wide awake in bed? These are very common scenarios especially during this stage wherein your toddler’s energy is just too hyper. This is also a burden on your part since you have to wake up in the wee hours of the day. Helping your tot sleep well through the night is doable. You just have to create a sleeping plan.

There are a lot of effective sleeping methods you can introduce to your tot. The key to getting your toddler to sleep is to test each technique out in order to know which ones work and do not work with your child.

Guide to Making Your Toddler Sleep

Getting him to go to sleep is all about before bedtime preparations. Try doing these effective tips:

Make His Bedroom Inviting

One of the easiest ways to get your toddler to sleep at night is to make his room appealing. His room must be appropriate with his age. Redecorate it according to his preferences. Incorporate his bedroom with his favorite color, toys, action heroes and bed spread as well as a bed that is just right for his size. Your tot will love his room making him feel comfortable and secure allowing him to relax and fall asleep immediately.

Keep Him Busy During The Day

What he does and how much he does in the morning depicts how fast he can sleep at night. Your toddler’s energy is very high during day time; it is recommended that you take advantage of it. Fill up his daily routines by engaging him in physical activities. Go to the park together. Let him play in the playground. Run around the garden. Allow him to accompany you in the grocery store.

Create A Constant Bedtime Routine

Having routines make it easier for your tot and his body to get ready for bed. After dinner, allow him to play quiet activities such as reading and drawing. Talk to him about his day. After which, you can choose to let him take a light snack. Get him ready to sleep by giving him a bath, brush teeth, tell him his favorite bedtime story, play soft music and cuddle. Start his practices early, do it slowly and take your time. Using a bedtime routine establishes consistency making his mind and body ready for bed.

Oblige Him to Go to The Bathroom

When your toddler’s body is not ready for bed, then do not expect him to quickly fall asleep. Before bedtime, require your tot to use the bathroom. In this way, he will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee and interrupt his sleep.

Choose A Realistic Time For Bed

What toddlers hate the most is going to sleep too early while the rest of the household is still awake. This makes him feel left out. Gauge your toddler’s sleep time preferences. Do not set a bedtime that is too early if your tot is still too energetic and do not set it too late if your tot dozes off in the middle of his dinner. Follow the time you set. While he may make a fuss about it at first, you are sure that he can get to sleep in no time.

Cut Back On Naps

Taking a nap in the middle of the day allows your tot to restore his energy for his afternoon activities. However, too much nap makes it hard to get him to sleep. Instead of twice a day napping, make him nap once (preferably after lunch time). In this way, his energy level is balanced and come night time, he is too tired and excited to take his sleep.

Get Him Special Bedtime Partners

Toddlers always like to cuddle something when they sleep. Give your tot special bedtime objects to provide him extra comfort. If your child has a favorite stuffed toy, pillow or blanket, let him sleep with it. Having a night light also makes him relax so if ever he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will not get scared of the dark allowing him to easily go back to sleep.

Making your tot sleep at a particular time can be tricky. But if you are constant with his sleeping routine and pattern, then getting him to sleep becomes effortless.

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