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How To Entertain Your Sick Toddler At Home

Having a sick toddler stay at home can be difficult, especially if all he wants to do is play outside with his friends. Here are some fun, quiet indoor activities you can use to keep your sick child entertained.

Watch Movies

Children love movies and there is no perfect time to let your little one watch as many movies as he wants than when he is sick. Have your toddler pick out several movies (make sure they are age-appropriate) he wants to watch. Set up a sofa bed on the living room floor for him to lie on or have him curl up on the couch. Bring his favorite stuffed toy (if case he gets bored) in the living room so he can play with it while watching. Give him a blanket so he can cover himself if he feels cold. You can either watch with your little one or finish your household chores, either way, your toddler will remain preoccupied.

Read Books

When your toddler is feeling blue because of flu, one effective way to cheer him up is to read him books. Aside from your usual bedtime story, read books to your toddler throughout the day. To keep it interesting, pick out a different genre each time you read to your toddler. For instance, you can save fairytale stories for bedtime and stick to board books, picture books and easy-to-read books during the day.

Play Board Games

This is the perfect time to play card and board games. Set up a table or sit on your living room floor with your toddler and complete jigsaw puzzles or race to the end line by playing classic board games like Snakes and Ladders, Cranium Cariboo, Melissa and Doug’s Flip to Win Memory and Monopoly and card games like Crazy 8s, Go Fish, Old Maid and Snap. Playing these games will be so much fun that it will make your toddler forget he is sick.

Do Arts and Crafts

Keep this activity quick and easy since arts and crafts can be messy which will only add stress to your sick child. Skip finger painting for now and let him try out these projects instead:

  • Make Your Own Necklace – place Cheerios in a large bowl, give him a cord and have him string Cheerios to make a necklace
  • Tie blankets - cut 2 large pieces of fleece and have your toddler place the pieces of fleece on top of each other until a medium-sized blanket is formed
  • Decorative Hats – look for a plain fedora, hat or beanie around your home or you can buy one at a department store and help him customize it by placing strings, buttons, googly eyes, feathers or craft fabric letters

Host A Puppet Show

Use old socks, popsicle sticks, straws or paper bags to create puppets. Decorate it together and then put on a puppet show while your little one relaxes in bed. You can pretend that puppet A (the main character) cannot play outside because it is sick and show how all the other puppets helped puppet A recuperate.

Give A Bath

A warm bath can soothe an aching and feverish body. Rubber duckies, ships, plush stuffed animals, bath time crayons and finger paint soap will keep your toddler occupied while he is cooling down.

It is very hard to watch your usually energetic toddler get sick. But with the help of these ideas, you can divert him from his uneasiness and make time fly quickly.

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Children and Halloween – Helping Them Get Ready

Children and Halloween are like two peas in a pod. There is something about this season that makes toddlers giddy. With Halloween just around the corner, you should have polished your preparation by now so your toddler can enjoy this special night out. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your little one a happy trick-or-treating experience.

Pick A Costume

A few weeks before Halloween, pick out a costume for your toddler. Make sure to get your toddler’s opinion first to ensure your child is interested in it. For little boys, Elmo, Lil’ Monster, Pirate, Stinger Bee, Super Mario, superhero (e.g. Spiderman, Batman and Captain America) and animal costumes are perfect while dressing little girls in storybook princesses (Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White), Madeline, Strawberry Shortcake, ballerina and flower costumes will keep them looking adorable.

In addition, make sure the costume you will choose is easy to move around in, will keep your toddler warm, not too heavy and is brightly colored so drivers can easily spot your child on the street, avoiding any accidents. If he will be wearing something dark, put reflective tapes on the costume, have him wear a glow bracelet or give him a reflective pail instead of the usual trick or treat basket.

Lastly, keep your expense reasonable. Overspending on a garment that will only be worn for a couple of hours for one night of the year is just unreasonable.

Decorate Your Home

Halloween will not be complete without the decorations. Get rid of any clutter in your porch and backyard. Hang an inexpensive solar light along your walkway to keep the path well lit. Carve pumpkins. Place jack-o’-lanterns in your front steps and garden. Hang spider webs with plastic spiders or black socks with toy bats on your front door. Stick glow in the dark cats, skeletons or ghosts to the windows. Staple neon colored googly eyes to tree trunks so it looks like someone is watching.

Prepare The Goodies

Go to the grocery or candy store with your little one and have him pick out candies for trick-or-treating. Better yet, have some fun in the kitchen by making Halloween homemade goodies. The two of you can make spider cupcakes, bone shaped biscuits, fruity eyeballs and pumpkin sugar pops. Keep the decorations Halloween-related by sticking to colors black, orange and white. Other awesome treats you can offer aside from candies are fun erasers, stickers, notepads and miniature pumpkin plastic figurines.

Gather All The Essentials Your Toddler Will Need

Trick-or-treating can be tiring for little pumpkins because they will visit one house to another and walk 2 or 3 blocks. Prepare a bag with everything your little one will need. Pack bottled water, diapers, tissue, wet wipes, snacks, sippy cup, small towel, a jacket and a camera (for capturing that special moment). It is also a smart idea to take a stroller with you so your young one can take a rest when his feet are tired.

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. Whatever you end up doing with your toddler, make sure it is something your toddler will enjoy and cherish for the rest of his life.

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Fun Backyard Games For Toddlers

In this modern time, it is very easy for toddlers to be glued in their iPad, Xbox or computer. Though they may be fun, they will never replace classic backyard games. Below are some fun backyard games that will guarantee you, your toddler and his friends a great time, a healthy body and a blissful spirit.


Toddlers love bubbles, even grown-ups do. Blow bubbles with your little one and have him catch, chase and pop them. You can buy bubble guns, automatic bubble makers or make your own bubbles to make this game even more fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

Buy a box of jumbo washable sidewalk chalk, place them in a bucket and let your toddler go crazy on your driveway and walkways. He can draw different shapes, animals, numbers, letters or anything he wants. Then, point out each doodle, name them one by one and let him repeat after you.

Obstacle Course

Invite your toddler’s friends over. Let them run through planks, crawl from corner to corner, hop or jump through hula hoops and walk with a ball in between their knees. This physical activity will get their body up and running and will leave them exhausted yet happy. But, do make sure that the course is age-appropriate and secure from any hazards.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items in your garden and let the youngsters find them. You can hide easy to spot items such as toys and small items such as eggs, coins, leaves or markers to make it more challenging. Rather than making it a solo game, divide the toddlers into teams so they can look for the items together which teaches them the value of cooperation. Give the winning team a special prize and of course, prepare a consolation prize for the other team.

Mother May I?

Line up the toddlers side by side except the child who is the “caller”. Position the caller 5 to 6 feet away from the players. The caller will ask each player to take a number of steps towards him. Every player should ask “Mother, may I?” and then the mother (caller) answers “Yes, you may”. If the player does not ask permission after he gets his orders and takes the prescribed steps toward the mother, he will be sent back to the starting line. Whoever reaches the caller first is proclaimed the winner and new caller.

Follow The Leader

Assign one child as the leader. Let the others tag along in a line as the leader goes across the backyard. The players should sing “We are following the leader, leader, leader, we are following the leader anywhere he will go.”. The leader can take his followers around trees, through bushes or skip along a zigzagged garden hose. The followers must mimic the leader. Change leaders so everyone can try to be in front.

Freeze Tag

Appoint an “it” toddler. The “it” child must then tag the other children by patting them on the shoulder. The tagged toddler must remain at a standstill until another free child pats them. When the “it” child freezes all the players, the game is over and they can start again. The last person tagged will be the next “it”.

Soil Wildlife

Satiate your toddler’s curiosity by playing an inspector game. Provide your little one with a toy shovel, shallow dish, magnifying glass, notebook and pencil. Let him dig for decayed leaves, seeds, stones or soil around your garden, spread them in the dish and observe it using a magnifying glass. Help him record or draw his findings. This game will teach your child important lessons about nature.

These action-packed backyard games will leave your toddler breathless, sticky and happy – a feeling no computer game or tennis tournament in Wii can ever elicit.

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How To Make Exercise For Children Fun

One of the keys to teaching children the importance of health is through exercising. However, when they hear the word exercise, the word punishment also comes to mind. There are several ways to make exercise for children fun. Maybe these tips can help you out.

Turn It Into A Family Activity

They say the more, the merrier. This adage is really spot on when it comes to exercising. What better way to make exercise fun for your toddler than to get the entire family involved. Family involvement can be the best motivator to encourage your toddler to exercise. If the whole family is playing a game, your little one is more likely to join in and enjoy himself. So do not just say “Go outside and play.”. Jog or walk around the neighbourhood together. Play tag or hide and seek. Pick up your soccer ball and head outside.

Play Different Fun Games

Children love games so expect your toddler to be engrossed for hours. Think of various physically demanding games that are appealing and challenging. Badminton, basketball, football, Frisbee and soccer are great games that will surely get your toddler’s blood pumping.

Hold A Field Trip

Field trips are exciting. Discover new and exciting places whether by foot or by bicycle. Take a walk and go a different route than you normally do or go biking on a Saturday afternoon. Uncovering new ground allows your toddler to exercise and explore the beauty of Mother Nature.

Arrange Play Dates

Play dates are an effective way to make toddlers exercise. Invite your neighbour’s kids over to your house and organize games that require teamwork and physical activity (running, jumping, walking and hoping). Here are some fun play date games to try:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Capture The Flag – Divide them into 2 teams. Both teams should have a flag on opposite ends of the field. The first team to capture the others flag and bring it back to their base is the winner.
  • Duck Duck Goose - Let everyone sit in a circle. One person stands up to pat each head and say “duck, duck, duck”. The toddler will touch another child’s head and that toddler should get up and catch the other kids before the “it” toddler can run to the open spot and sit down. If they beat the goose (the “it” toddler), they get to sit while another toddler selects the goose.

Find A Sport Your Toddler Is Interested In

Does your toddler love to waddle in the pool, kick and throw balls or dance? Why not take advantage of your toddler’s interest and sign him up for classes and lessons. He can join a swimming, dancing, soccer, basketball, tennis or football workshop. This is the best way to get your toddler to exercise. Plus, it will hone important skills that will be very beneficial for his development.

Keep in mind that exercise for children is not about lifting weights or running on the treadmill. In order to make toddlers interested, a lot of fun and exciting activities must be incorporated.

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Kids On Computer – Ways To Make It Work

In this modern age, electronics have become an indispensable part of every individual’s life. Children at a very young age even know how to use computers. While computers can help shape the development of toddlers, there are some guidelines that parents should put in to place for kids on computer.

Delay Introduction

Hold off until your toddler is at least 9 months old. Children below 9 months do not have the physical skills to interact with the computer. Your toddler does not have the vision to clearly focus on the screen until he is about 6 months old. Plus, he will not be able to sit up without any support to enjoy the program while you do your work around the house until he is around 6 to 8 months old.

The best way to let your toddler use the computer is when he shows some interest. If your little one constantly points at your computer, bangs on the keyboard, watches you whenever you are using the machine or if he seems responsive (clapping, smiling and laughing), then go for it.

Choose Age-appropriate Programs

Adult games are too loud and violent for your little one. It is best to start with programs designed for young children. Visit online learning game websites such as Fisher-Price, NickJr., Learning Games For Kids, Funbrain, Sesame Street, Playhouse Disney, Starfall and Up To Ten.  They have lots of fun and educational games that teaches your toddler the alphabet, numbers, shapes, letter-sound relationships and many more that will surely be helpful for his development.

In addition, make sure that you choose websites with big, clear images so your toddler can easily comprehend what he is seeing.

Focus On Fun Instead of Learning

Generally, toddlers under 4 years old view the computer as another toy so there is no point pressuring your toddler to learn everything he sees in the computer. Instead, think of computer time as a way for you to reinforce your toddler’s skills.

Schedule Computer Time

It is very important that you set a time on how long your toddler can use the computer. For 1 to 2 year olds, they can access the computer for 10 to 15 minutes. For children ages 3 and above, they can use it for an hour. Children who face the computer more than an hour have lesser time available for doing developmental activities such as eating, dancing, singing, playing, sleeping and talking with other people.

Never Leave Your Toddler Unsupervised

Make the most out of computer time by making this an activity where you can bond with your toddler. This way, you will be there to assist your toddler, answer his questions and explain things he may not be able to understand. If you are unable to attend to your toddler while he is using the computer, ask a responsible adult to be with him. Never leave your toddler on his own. The internet is not safe for your toddler to explore and he can be exposed to things that may have a negative effect on him.

As you can see, computers are not entirely bad for your toddler. It can be beneficial for his physical, cognitive, language, motor and social growth given the correct guidance.

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Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Toddler

It is summer time once again. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your toddler smile from doing various activities under the sun. Here are some simple and fun summer activities you could enjoy with your precious one.

Water Play

Nothing beats taking a dip in a nice, cool pool during a hot, sunny day. Go swimming with your toddler this summer. Whether you are swimming at home or in a club house, be sure you keep your toddler safe by following pool safety guidelines and buy an infant water carrier so you can wear your baby in the pool. Of course, do not forget to bring your swimsuits and slather on sunscreen so you and your little one can enjoy wading in the pool without damaging your skins.

You may also set up a sprinkler in the garden, run around it and spray each other with the hose. Another fun idea is to dance in the rain, catch raindrops in your mouth and jump in all the puddles. Toddlers love to get wet, and without a doubt, the two of you will have lots of fun laughing and squealing.

Treasure Hunt

Children love discovering things, so a scavenger or treasure hunt are always a big hit. Invite your neighbor’s kids over to make it extra fun. Give each toddler a treasure map complete with clues that will lead them to the treasure. The winner gets a special prize and of course, the other participants will receive a simple reward as well.

Make Your Own Summer Treat

Summer is the best time to prepare your toddler’s favorite foods. Want to beat the heat? Then try making your own frozen fruit pops. Buy molds and sticks at a craft store. Let your toddler pour in his favorite fruit juice and freeze it. It is an easy tasty treat that will truly refresh him. Or, create your own nacho platter. Top nachos with beans, salsa and cheese. Better yet, puree different vegetables and use it as a nacho dressing. Not only is this yummy, but also healthy.

Yard Work

Who says gardening is only for adults? Your toddler can help pull weeds and sprinkle the flowers with a small watering can. Buy a kid-size rake, a bubble-blowing lawn mower and a plastic toy wagon so he has his own gardening tools.

Build Your Own Camp

You need not send your toddler to summer camp when you can set-up a camp right in your own backyard. Drape old blankets or tablecloths over clotheslines and low tree limbs. Place some pillows, cuddle and read him books. Eat dinner there. Chase fireflies. Grill some marshmallows and gaze at the stars.

Hold A Picnic

Summertime is the best time to have a picnic. The extra exercise and outdoor time will be good for your little one. Pack your toddler’s favorite foods, bring toys and the whole family with you.

Go To The Market

Go to the farmer’s market. Let your toddler see all the colorful fruits and vegetables. This will make him see where these foods come from. He will be so enthralled by them that he might even ask you to cook him a meal using a particular veggie as the main ingredient.

Outdoor Games

There is no point staying indoors when the sun is up and the sky is blue. Play tag, jump rope, hopscotch, hide and seek, soccer, kickball and other fun outdoor games. It will do him good to bask in the sun for a couple of minutes. Plus, this is a great way for the two of you to exercise and get fit together rather than staying inside and playing video games.

Summer is a very exciting time of the year for toddlers, and with the help of these fun summer activities, you and your toddler will truly have a great time laughing and relishing the summer pleasures.

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Toddlers Watching TV – A Guideline For Parents

Everyone loves watching TV, especially toddlers. Parents tend to be lax when it comes to this, but what they do not know is that watching TV can hamper a child’s development. Here is a guide to make watching TV beneficial for toddlers.

Set Limits

Studies have proven that television impedes mental development in young children since it does not allow for desirable levels of mental activity. Limit your toddler’s TV viewing to an hour or two a day (including time spent playing video and computer games). Also, do not put a television in your toddler’s bedroom and make sure you turn off the TV during mealtimes or bonding sessions with your toddler.

Watch TV Together

Watch TV together with your toddler as much as possible. This way, you can make sure the program your little one is watching is appropriate for children. It also helps that you can explain to him what he sees since he is still unable to differentiate a show, cartoon or commercial from real life. Encourage your toddler to ask questions and connect what is happening in the show to his own life. You may even follow up with some lessons afterwards.

Screen The Programs

Plan what shows your toddler can watch by watching programs yourself before letting your toddler watch them since some programs intended for children contain violent scenes and does not reflect family ethics and values. Use a program guide and the TV ratings system to help you choose educational and interactive programs (shows that encourage your toddler to sing, dance, say words and make sounds).

Invest In Educational Videos

Record the shows your toddler is allowed to watch or purchase a couple of educational DVDs. This way, you do not have to flip through channels and watch commercials. Just turn the TV on to watch the program and turn it off when it is over.

Set A Good Example

Of course, it will be useless to limit your little one’s TV time if mommy and daddy do not limit their own TV viewing or screen programs as well. Remember that toddlers love mimicking their parents so be mindful of your actions and set a good example. Wait until your toddler is fast asleep before you watch your favorite talk show.

Provide Options

Even when you limit your toddler’s TV time, watching television can become a habit. Fill your toddler’s day with activities that will stimulate his mind and body. Let him play with the kids outside. Encourage your toddler to read, learn a new hobby or a sport, assign him a chore or go to the zoo together. When his schedule if filled with exciting activities, the lesser time he will spend on the couch.

Recount The Show’s Content

If you and your toddler just finished watching an episode of Go, Diego, Go about numbers and letters, talk about it later and find other examples to explore his learning’s. For instance, you can read him a book about numbers or let him color an activity book about the alphabet.

Your toddler, being naturally curious about anything that takes place around him will be attracted to television. Letting him watch TV is okay as long as you make sure you give proper guidance to keep the negative effects at bay.

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Encouraging Creative Play In Toddlers

Creative play in toddlers is very important for it is through it that they can develop their skills and grow into fine, young individuals. Help promote creative play by following these tips.

Tip # 1: Limit TV Viewing

TV time can affect the imaginative side of toddlers. When your toddler is in front of the television, his eyes and mind are fixed in the representative images flashed in the screen which limit your toddler’s ability to think and visualize things. Set aside an hour or an hour and a half for TV time. Once the time is up, have your little one turn off the TV even if his favorite show is still playing. Be firm with this rule but do it slowly. Do not just stop your toddler from watching TV without informing him beforehand about this change. Explain to your little one what is changing and why it needs to be changed. Here is an effective tip to stop your toddler from throwing a tantrum – recite a list of activities he can do besides watching TV.

Tip # 2: Pretend Play

Role play or pretend play is a game well-loved by children. Toddlers love to imitate most adults, especially their parents. Play with your toddler. Give him toys that will enable him to learn and enjoy his very own make believe fantasy. Use his stuffed toys or get creative and turn old socks into puppets so you can stage your own puppet show. Let your toddler decide the theme of the story, the name of the characters and how it will end. Give him props or let him help you make a costume he can put on so he can pretend to be a pirate sailing out into the ocean to find a missing treasure chest. Play schoolhouse and you, your toddler and his other siblings can take turns being the student and teacher.

Tip # 3: Read Books

Books can take you to different times, places and events. They are the best instrument for opening up a person’s mind and imagination. Expose your little one to various books such as books about pictures, fairytales, fables, parables, short stories and so on. Pause in between pages and ask your little one what he thinks will happen next or how the story will end. Once you have finished reading, discuss it with your toddler. Ask him about his favorite character, what he thought of the story and what ending he would have preferred.

Tip # 4: Do Lots of Arts and Crafts

Buying art projects complete with instructions is perfectly fine but they can limit creative play since your toddler needs to follow directions. Instead, provide him with tons of recycled paper, crayons, pencils and other drawing supplies. Let him scribble away and color it with the shades he likes. Give him coloring books so he can experiment with different color combinations. Use an old plain shirt or a piece of cardboard and water-based paints for painting activities.

Tip # 5: Go Outside

Encourage your toddler to explore the wonders of nature. Go out and visit a park, playground, museum, amusement park, zoo and other places where he can discover and be more curious of things. Let him touch the soil, feel the water in the fountain, observe the birds, etc.. It is okay if he gets dirty, he can take a shower once he gets home.

Anything and everything can be a tool to unleash and hone your toddler’s creative mind. Just think out of the box.

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Secrets To Successful Play Dates For Your Toddler

Play dates is a vital part of toddler development. For in this activity, children can thrive, learn how to interact with others and unleash hidden talents. Below are some simple tips on how to achieve fun and fuss-free play dates.

Schedule Play Dates Appropriately

Never schedule a play date when your toddler feels cranky, worn out, at nap time or just before meals. He will only be irritable and most likely not enjoy the activity. Timing is really important. Your little one should be rested and well-fed before he heads out to play with other children. Lunch play dates work really well for most toddlers. Invite his playmates a few hours before lunch, give them a light snack, let them play for at least 30 minutes and then the kids can head home just in time for their nap time.

Moreover, do not arrange too many play dates as these can erase the feeling of anticipation, so instead of enjoying, he will see it as work. Schedule play dates twice a week to give your little one something to look forward to. Remember, play dates should give toddlers a great time and not go home weepy and emotional. Also, play dates must be kept short. Long play sessions drain out his energy. Set a time limit of 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Let Your Toddler Take The Lead

Ask your little one who he would like to invite over. If he is particularly fond of the kids at preschool, your local playground or your next door neighbour, invite them to come over. Your toddler’s playmates need not be the same age. Inviting a toddler that is a year ahead of him has some advantages. The older child can help direct play for the youngsters and teach them the importance of sharing and cooperation.

Get Creative

Play dates should not only consist of activities like coloring, drawing or running around the backyard. Be creative with your ideas. A do-it-yourself activity like make-your-own snacks is a sure-fire hit with toddlers. It keeps them busy, gives them the freedom to choose and is undoubtedly fun. Treasure hunts and arts and crafts projects are also an all-time favorite.

Hold destination dates or play dates outside the house. It gives toddlers a chance to explore and quench their inquisitive minds. A pool party, trip to the zoo, a visit to the nearest park or organizing a picnic day ensures everybody a grand time.


Children are full of life and it is common for them to have disagreements. Make sure you supervise them but do not interfere in times of confrontation. Let them resolve their own problems. Small disagreements do not last long and if you hang back you will find that the kids have worked out their own resolution. But once it gets physical, it is time to step in. Keep your calm, show your disapproval and make firm statements like “Hitting is not good. I cannot let you do that to each other.”.

Invite Moms

Have the kids’ moms come over as well. They can help you supervise the children especially during times when a kid starts wailing and you do not have any idea how to pacify him. In this way, children can have a blast and you get to have that much needed girl bonding as well.

Send A Memento

End a wonderful play date by sending each toddler off with a souvenir they helped create (e.g. a cookie, drawing or an instant photo of the children together). They will be excited to share these keepsakes with others and it will remind them what a great time they had.

Play dates give parents and toddlers a chance to build and strengthen bonds. Plus, children learn important social skills that can benefit their development while having fun.

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Fun Activities to Do When Bonding With Children

Quality time plays a vital part in ensuring a toddler’s healthy development. Even with busy schedules, parents need to find time to play with their precious ones. Bonding with children creates a strong connection and foundation which is integral to their welfare. There are a lot of viable activities to choose from. Incorporate them in their daily routine and watch them glow with happiness.

Board Games

Jigsaw puzzles, snake and ladder and boggle are just some examples of engaging board games that not only helps improve your toddler’s reasoning and motor skills but are also great in keeping family ties close. Allot a few hours each week for board game time. They are fun, easy to do and very soothing. Since this is a group activity, invite each family member to join. Not only will your toddler complete the games in no time, but it will also turn everyone’s frowns into smiles.

Buy Groceries and Prepare Meals

Food excites everyone. There is no better way to bond than by grocery shopping and making dinner together. Allow your toddler to pick out the items in your grocery list. Let him push the cart. Let your toddler assist you by delegating easy-to-do cooking tasks like washing the vegetables. A ceramic knife is safe to use so he can help you slice potatoes and mushrooms. Let him pour the contents into a pan. Lastly, assign him to set the dining table.

Enroll In Parent-Child Classes

A lot of establishments offer “Daddy and Me” or “Mommy and Me” classes. Not only does it strengthen you and your toddler’s relationship but it is also a great activity to exercise, improve rhythmic movement and mingle with other parents and children.


If your family loves the outdoors, why not schedule a picnic time on weekends or during school breaks. It is a very convenient and inexpensive way catch up with your toddler. Picnic is one activity toddlers want to be part of. Your precious one will truly have a grand time choosing and preparing the essentials – from the menu, picnic basket and outdoor games. Take the whole family out to your local park, to the beach or the countryside. Take advantage of your garden and go camping. Play catch, tag or hide and seek.

Read Books

This classic activity is a no-brainer. Kids adore books and parents love them. Story time is one relaxing activity that puts toddlers and even parents at ease. This helps you strengthen your toddler’s language and knowledge, talk and come up with your own versions.

Watch Movies

During weekends, go out and see movies together. Let your toddler select what movie he wants to see. At home, hold a DVD marathon, say Friday nights. Rent different types of DVD’s, toast the popcorn, prepare the juice and let him sleep past his bedtime curfew.

Visit The Zoo

Stop by the zoo just so your little one can look at the animals. Toddlers have great affection for animals. Watch his eyes widen with delight once he sees the colorful peacock or how tall a giraffe is. To make it extra fun, head to the zoo dressed in explorer outfits. Give him a camera so your toddler can take pictures of every animal he sees. Provide him a notebook and pen so he can take notes of his observations. And, do not forget to visit the zoo shop and grab a souvenir of his favorite animal.

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