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Best Toddler Development Books to Introduce to Your Child

Playtime is one of the best occasions where you can introduce your child to different books, toys and learning activities. Your tot will learn about the world. This allows you to strike a balance between having fun and learning. Whether your toddler is one, two or three, he can take pleasure in books as much as toys. It is never too late to inspire your child to love reading even if he is a few years away from doing it on his own. The key here is to see to it that the books you introduce to him meet certain criterion’s fit for his age.

Fun and easy to read toddler development books assures your child’s success in jump-starting his education. Books allow the mind to broaden and explore,  making him one imaginative child. Here is a guideline to help you select the best learning books for your child. The best toddler development books are:


Always start with learning books that relates to your child’s interests. He is already familiar with it making it easier for him to recognize the book. Subject is very important to toddlers. Development books with topics that convene with your child’s day to day experiences such as bedtime stories, animal stories and even his obsession with cars, robots or Mickey Mouse makes for a fun learning experience. It catches and holds his attention therefore boosting his knowledge.

Full of Pictures

It has been surveyed that 60% of parents who introduced books with pictures to their toddlers learned faster than their peers. Toddler development books that have big, colorful and clear-cut drawings or books with picture flaps are more effective since a child’s mind can grasp the concepts easier allowing him to also make representations with other objects. Books with simple and literal images rather than books with abstract pictures increases the ability of a toddler’s brain to retain what he has seen. It peaks his curiosity rather than divert his interest to other things.

Filled With Music and Sound

Toddlers are always fascinated with sound and music. Toddler books that come with simple music like Old MacDonald Had A Farm or the alphabet song to accompany the story allows your tot to memorize everything by heart. Animal books that come with sounds makes it easier for your child to distinguish the sound of a dog, cat and owl.

Interactive books that lets you and your child not only read but dance along can boost your toddler’s motor proficiency. Finger play songs that require body movement like Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes have been made into children’s books.

Short and Simple

A young toddler between ages two to four will not give any interest in a book that is filled with texts. Long sentences only bores a child. Learning books with recognizable words allows your child to go along as you read the story to him. Books with words that rhyme at the end can also help your child pick up words faster letting him increase his vocabulary.

Toddler development books are perfect for introducing your child to the wonders of the world. With its simple, easy to read and vibrant pages, it allows your toddler to learn different things in a short time.

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